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The Classic Top Gear Episode Guide


Feb 8, 2005
2008 Mazda2 Neo
Below is my brief index of the classic Top Gear episodes that have been ripped by Pumesta. It is designed to be an 'at a glance' overview of the episodes and misses out on some of the shorter segments.

ESPNSTI is completing a more detailed episode guide with timecodes, presenters, complete model information and similar information available at http://espnsti.in2hosting.org/Top_Gear_Classic_Episodes.htm

Episode Guide

First '89 ep - Lancia Thema v Saab 9000 v Alfa Romeo 164, primitive sat nav, the struggles to convert to unleaded petrol, Clarkson at the Beaulieu autojumble, Tiff Needell testing the RS Cosworth Group A spec Sierra.

Second '89 ep - Renault 19 and 21, Luxury cars in the US (Jaguar, Lexus), Mazda MX-5, American muscle cars, LA smog and Californian environmental regulation, Peugeot history.

Third '89 ep - Skoda Favorit, Motorcycle rider training, Itala 1907 Peking to Paris recreation, car crime and buying traps, Tour of Britain.

Fourth '89 ep - Honda Accord, Japanese transplant production, 30 years of the Mini, Hino truck, Rallyquest competition, Mazda 323/Astina.

Fifth '89 ep - Rover 200, police driving, old buses, Jaguar XJ6, Tiff Needell tests Porsche 962 racing car.

Sixth '89 ep - Peugeot 605, Bike reviews (Norton F1, BMW K1, Reliant Voyager), Lotus concours and history, Tiff Needell at the Brighton speed trials (Lotus Esprit, TVR 450, Porsche 911 Carrera).

First '90 ep - Louise Aitken Walker rallying in Monte Carlo, child accidents, Geneva motor show.

Second '90 ep - Lotus Elan, car security, alternative fuels (solar, hybrids), Supermoto.

Third '90 ep - Jaguar history, Tiff Needell tests the Yugo Sana, alternative fuels (hydrogen, methanol), the 750 Club races Austin 7s.

Fourth '90 ep - Turin motor show, motorway speed limits, Fiat Tempra, Lands End trial.

Fifth '90 ep - Tiff Needell tests the Toyota MR2 and Celica, Krauser side car, bike vs car commute, Honda CM250, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Autotag alarm and Datatrack car tracking, RallyQuest competition finalist testing.

Sixth '90 ep - NEC classics show, the classic car boom, Subaru Legacy/Liberty, Daihatsu Applause, Allan McNish interview.

Seventh '90 ep - Rover Metro, Fiat Uno, Jeremy Clarkson on clocking, Diamond Jubilee rally, Merritt engine, Tiff Needell tests a Mitsubishi Galant rally car with Pentti Airikkala.

Eighth '90 ep - Vauxhall Calibra, air ambulances, truck tyre blow-out prevention, Tiff Needell at the Ecurie Ecosse.

Ninth '90 ep - Paris motor show, Renault Clio (vs Peugeot 205), yellow headlights in France, Paris traffic, 4WDs in France, Jeremy Clarkson at a 24 hour 2CV race.

Tenth '90 ep - Special - Return of the Silver Stork - A Journey Through Spain (history of Hispano-Suiza, Hispano-Suiza rally and concours)

Eleventh '90 ep - Motor Industry Research Association testing facilities, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Ford Escort, Tiff Needell on handling (oversteer, understeer and g forces), Pirelli classic marathon.

Twelfth '90 ep - Lexus LS400 (vs Mercedes S Class, Jaguar XJ6, BMW 7 Series), Jeremy Clarkson on Alfa Romeo at 80, rebirthing written off cars, Rallyquest competition winner (Will Brown).

Thirteenth '90 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests old cars you can buy new (Jaguar XJS, Volvo 240 and Audi Quattro), Tour of Mull, bikes suitable for learners (Kawasaki KDX-125, Yamaha TZR-125, Honda CG-125, MZ), Chevrolet Corvette history (NB cut off at end).

Fourteenth '90 ep - People carriers (Volkswagen Transporter, Toyota Previa), emissions testing, 2WD motorcycles (Yamaha Sunshine), developing British racing drivers (inc. David Coulthard), Top Gear Historic Rallying Championship.

Fifteenth '90 ep - Tiff Needell tests the Honda NSX, history of Monteverdi and interview with Peter Monteverdi, rally report (Lombard RAC rally preview).

Sixteenth '90 ep - Lombard RAC rally special.

First '91 ep - Nissan Sunny, Paris Retromobile (Hispano Suiza, Bucciali, Stutz 32, Bugatti 57S, Talbot Lago, Panhard prototype, G. Bigata LPG prototype, Cadillac V16), Jeremy Clarkson offers buying tips for diesels, Chamonix ice racing.

Second '91 ep - Geneva motor show (Citroen ZX, Renault Espace, Honda Legend, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes S Class, Toyota Idea Show, Mazda MX-3, Vauxhall Frontera, Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun, Bentley Continental), Jeremy Clarkson tests the Mitsubishi Sigma, caravan instability accidents, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Toyota Landcruiser, Mercedes G-Wagen and Range Rover.

Third '91 ep - Proton, Jeremy Clarkson investigates the company car market, Top Gear Historic RAC Rally.

Fourth '91 ep - Donington single seat racing cars (Lotus, Tyrrell, Brabham), BMW 318i, pedestrian and cyclist safety, Tiff Needell explores options for developing young racing drivers (Formula First, Formula Ford, Vauxhall Junior, Formula Renault, Formula Vauxhall Lotus).

Fifth '91 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests the Mercedes S Class, Raymond Loewy at Studebaker, Jeremy Clarkson investigates learner testing, Detroit motor show.

Sixth '91 ep - Ford Escort vs Fiat Tempra vs Nissan Primera estates, Tiff Needell explores the business driver of the year competition, Daytona 24 hour race (with Tiff Needell driving).

Seventh '91 ep - Mazda 121, Jeremy Clarkson examines vehicle recalls, tractors (JCB High Mobility Vehicle), Peugeot 205 and 309 rallying.

Eighth '91 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests the Citroen ZX, car fires caused by brake fluid and under-bonnet fire extinguishers, Eric Richard (Sgt. Bob Cryer off the Bill) tests the Triumph Trophy motorcycle, rallyquest competition.

Ninth '91 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests the Hyundai Lantra, Tiff Needell drives classic sports cars (Brooklands Riley, ERA, Connaught), fake classic cars (Mini Cooper, Lotus Cortina, VW Beetle convertible, MGC), custom cars.

Tenth '91 ep - Seat Toledo, Seat profile, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Mitsubishi Shogun, Jaguar XJS, Tiff Needell tests the new Silverstone course using the Jaguar XJR-15.

Eleventh '91 ep - Tiff Needell investigates drag racing, Toyota Camry, fire retardants, Jeremy Clarkson examines air pollution and low emission vehicles.

Twelfth '91 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests Lamborghinis (Miura, Countach, Diablo), airbags, buying a second hand Range Rover, Austin A90 Atlantic.

Thirteenth '91 ep - Motorfair '91 (Lotus M100 concept and Esprit), Jeremy Clarkson tests the Ford Escort RS2000, Vauxhall Astra, Honda Civic, Peugeot 106, Tiff Needell tests the Gold Cirrus, Mitsubishi Spacewagon, David Coulthard in Formula 3 in Paul Stewart Racing.

Fourteenth '91 ep - Peugeot 106, buying a used BMW 5 Series, Jeremy Clarkson reviews Jeremy Irons' performance of Autogeddon, motor racing in Jersey including hillclimbs.

Fifteenth '91 ep - Tiff Needell tests the Honda Civic, Rallyquest '91 competition update, buying a car at auction (damaged video).

Sixteenth '91 ep - Citroen XM estate vs Audi Quattro estate, road pricing (and congestion charging), Jeremy Clarkson on cars with famous owners (Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Al Capone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Heinz), Tiff Needell on cross-country raids (damaged video).

Seventeenth '91 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests the Rover 800, fual vapour recovery (benzine), David Richards and Subaru's entry into rallying, buying a second hand Metro.

Eighteenth '91 ep - Lombard RAC rally special.

Nineteenth '91 ep - Buying a used Jaguar MK2, Solutions for car theft (alarms, immobilisers and others), Morecambe Illuminations rally.

Twentieth '91 ep - Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Vauxhall Frontera, investigation into joyriding.

Twenty-first '91 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests the practicality of Ferrari 348 ownership in London, Shell mileage marathon, Historic Commercial Vehicle Society's Trans-Pennine run.

First '92 ep - Ford Escort XR3i (vs Golf GTi, Citroen ZX Volcane, Nissan Sunny GTi), Tiff Needell on emergency stops and tyre tread depths, hydrochloric acid caused by car fires, Jeremy Clarkson looks at Ford Mustangs.

Second '92 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests the Renault Alpine A610 and the Venturi, buying a second hand Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, bubble cars (Messerschmidt KR200, KR200 Sport, Tiger), Troll sports car.

Third '92 ep - Fiat Cinquecento, Four paws four wheel drive rally, driving tests for retirees, Motorball (motorised football - Top Gear vs the manufacturers), Standard Flying Nine and Humber Super Snipe.

Fourth '92 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests Japanese Kei cars (Mitsubishi Dangan, Daihatsu Mira EFI XX TR Turbo Avanzato tested in a supermarket, Honda Beat), classic car competition (Jensen Interceptor, Jaguar E-Type), round one of the British Rally Championship, buying a second hand MGB.

Fifth '92 ep - Tiff Needell briefly tests the TVR Griffith, Mitsubishi Colt GLXi, articulated trailer design, Jeremy Clarkson on importing a car from the US (Mercury Cougar, Lincoln Towncar, Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford F-Series pickup, Oldsmobile Cutlass), classic car competition (Chevrolet Powerglide, Triumph TR6), Tiff Needell drives in the TVR Tuscan challenge.

Sixth '92 ep - Jeremy Clarkson tests the Porsche 968 and Jaguar XJS (and Nissan 300ZX), Pirelli International round of British Rally Championship, buying a used MKII Golf GTi.

Seventh '92 ep - Jeremy Clarkson and Tiff Needell test the Light Car Company Rocket, safety of the top ten sellers, history of BRM and Tiff Needell examines the new BRM racing car, Jeremy Clarkson reviews the 1955, 1960, 1961 and 1966 Ford Thunderbird (video damaged).

Eighth '92/93 ep - Buying a used De Tomaso Pantera, Renault 4 and Twingo, car pricing in the UK and Europe, Big rigs in the UK (Peterbilt, Kenworth).

First '93 ep - Interview with Dave Taylor (stunt biker), private clamping, buying a used Porsche 911, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and Tiptronic Cabrio, Tiff Needell tests the Porsche 911 Turbo. (video damaged)

Second '93 ep (1993 recap) - Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Mondeo, Vauxhall Corsa, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Aston Martin Vantage, Claret & Classics Rally, Jaguar-powered tricycle, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Jaguar XJ12, car dominos, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Mini Moke, Daimler SP250, Tiff Needell tests the Lotus 25, Perth Scottish rally.
Kebab gud said:
what is a Toyota lexus ?
(its a Lexus LS400 ..)
They seemed to refer to it as a Toyota Lexus, could it be that they first released it as the Toyota Lexus and then switched it to its own brand (at least in the UK) ? :unsure:
Nice work surroundfan :)

And yeah, whats up with that whole "Toyota Lexus" thing :?
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Nice work surroundfan :)

And yeah, whats up with that whole "Toyota Lexus" thing :?

Just took a look in my auto katalog 1989/1990 (German car catalog listing all production cars worldwide - well, at least they say so), where it says Toyota Lexus as well - I think that it wasn't clear back then whether the Lexus would be introduced as a separate brand or simply added to the Toyota lineup, second version is that they named it Toyota to relate it to the company that was developing it.
Anyone have episode guides for anything between 1993 and 2003?

Seems unlikely that theres no listing for 10 years of Top Gear.