The Connections Trivia Quiz Game


Now needs wood
May 29, 2008
MWF HQ, Ukadia
MX-5 1.8i Indiana SE, update pending
Simples. Think of two random things that can be connected fairly simply with a knowledge of trivia. No more than three steps in each case please or it will just get tricky.

For example:

Scooby Doo and The Borg

Scooby Doo's creators, Hannah Barbera, also created Hong Kong Phooey who had a sidekick cat called "Spot". As did Lt Cdr Data in Star Trek TNG and, of course, he was captured by the Borg.

Let's kick off with Huckleberry Finn and a standard laptop.

Right answer gets to set the next question. Googling is permitted because the fun of this game is filling your head with more information that may help you win at game shows and pub quizzes. And since memory is all about connections it might help us all with the battle against the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's.