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Mar 6, 2005
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Nah, has nothing to do with status. I've had plenty of hotels try to help me after things go wrong without ever having status at all. Its a basic customer service thing and the big reputable names in the business (IHG, Marriott, Wyndham, Hilton, etc) don't want any possible negative reviews so its easier for them to give even a full nights stay as a refund. The service declines as you go down the ladder to the chains that more focus on discount hotels such as Best Western. The thing is that they all actually have the ability to do something about it when they handle the payment directly. But in my case, they didn't even have a way to credit me anything since they get paid by Hotels Tonight and not me.

Its also nothing to do with the hotel being full or not. The app is just a platform for liquidating unsold rooms. I could've just as easily booked the same room on or through any of the other normal travel sites I mentioned before. Even if I had booked the room months in advance, it would've been just as full and I would've run the same risk of landing next to that same party room.

Only reason I even ended up in this situation to begin with is because of my own poor planning. I was spending the weekend with my buddy in a suburb 40 minutes outside DC, and came to the realization pretty late that the likelihood of getting an Uber from his house at 4am was close to 0. Another friend offered me to crash on her couch in DC itself, but I didn't feel comfortable with that considering her entire studio is literally the size of my living room and I'd have an alarm going off at 3:45am. So I ended up booking that room around 1pm that same day and checking in around 5.
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