The crash test thread

Current crop of V8 American muscle/sports cars put to the test



Challenger is good for rear passengers, Camaro appears to be really good all around for the driver.
The Tsuru could even lack the US spec reinforcements of the Sentra.

2085-2176 lbs (peso vehicular 946-987 kg) seems surprisingly light. What did the Sentra weigh? Do they measure vehicle curb weights differently?

You'll get some differences - full of fluids vs partly or completely dry/empty. However, this appears to be a variant of the B13 Sunny/Sentra which in the US ran from 1990 to 1994 in the US. Edmunds lists the 1994 "E" specification sedan version of the Sentra as having a 2346lb curb weight. I know the Tsuru has a Renault drivetrain in later versions that might weigh less, but that's still significant weight unaccounted for.
According to that spec sheet all versions of the '17 Tsuru have a GA16DNE.

If that's the old cast iron block Nissan GA I'm familiar with it pretty much can't be the safer US version.

So they kept producing the flimsier version of their 1990 econobox and discontinued it only after being called out? Wow.
New 2018 XC60 beasts crash tests in typical Volvo fashion.

what are the explosions on the roof in the frontal crash test?
what are the explosions on the roof in the frontal crash test?

I was wondering that too. My guess is that those are wired up to the airbags so that the engineers can see the sequence/delay of the airbags firing.
Front seat airbags weren't required in 98?
I had a conversation on this topic about a year ago with my girlfriend's parents. Her brother had just had a child and the new grandparents were in the market for a new car anyways. They settled on the Lexus RX simply because of its safety ratings, despite hating everything else about it. The argument I made was two-fold: 1) a poorly rated new car is still safer than a top-rated ten year old car, and 2) if you're not hitting a stationary object, weight counts for more than safety ratings.
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This just in.... Porsche 911 GT3 RS gets 0 star NCAP rating.
The Frontier did pretty good for a 13 year old design never intended to face the small offset test. Definitely showing its age, though.