The cross-continent race in series 7! (spoiler!)

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sl55 amg

Jan 7, 2005
an interview in todays sun newspaper with clarkson gives a bit of info about the now famous cross continent race the next series.

jeremy won't be donning his black suit for the national television awards bash, he will be taking part in a bet with top gear team mates richard hammond and james may that he can drive back from Turin in Italy to London faster than they can fly. Jeremy will be behind the wheel of a ?600,000 Bugatti. 'we're going to have a race to see who can get to Gordan Ramseys restaurant in Chelsea first'.
OH MY GODT!!!!!!!!!

Dude you have my old username, that is so cool :thumbsup:

Your not gonna be very popular if you dont add "spoiler" to your thread title though. Thanks anyway, I dont mind.
That can only be the veyron. an i thought he was scares of driving it. hope he'll ake it through germany, to really show that puppy who's boss! :D :D :twisted: :thumbsup: :woot:
I do mate and I love it. Its my life now! I posted pics of it in the "Whats you car?" thread if your interested.
Yay :thumbsup:
A Veyron? Why does it have to be a modern Bugatti (with 7 gears! 7 bloody gears)?? :(

I'd love it to be a 35, 51 (it'd take ages and he'd get flies in his teeth) or a 57, now that would be worth watching :woot:
There's no way he'll lose in the Veyron. No way. We know Jezza doesn't always stick to the limits, and he will have to go through France...

The Veyron though.... w00t!!!!!!! :woot:
Anyways, this will be a pretty sweet race! He'll have to go across Switzerland though, that'll be a killer on any lead he'll have up to that point..
That is awesome. If only I was back in London at this time. That restraunt is right around the corner from my house. :(

Actually the thing that dissapoints me about this, is that they probably won't have the Veyron on the test track :( None of the other cars that were featured in the races were put on the track. (Except for the SLR and that was done when Jeremy tested it at the track)
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