The donation program is back!

Maybe the extra donation means special treatment.
My doner green bar disappeared. :(
What was the last subscriber/payment date? System reports it was 3/26/2020, could be bugged tho.

I wasn’t sure who to pay so I threw it at Thomas thinking that was right. I remember asking him and was told paying him means paying the forums…
Ok, I manually set the flag on the account for it.
I hate that I missed donating earlier but will try to not miss it this go round!
Eyed own ate Ed
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My PayPal just sent some money to this shady Thomas guy, looks like the auto-renewal works now!
Donated, finally!
So, PayPal tells me that I've paid monies to Thomas, but my donor banner has gone bye bye.
You know what? So has mine. I definitely remember the payment going through. I think it's just a manual process to update them.
Looking into the issue currently. The Forum has not tracked any payments from paypal since December 31st 2022. The payment provider log has been untouched since while PayPal has definitely received payments since. Initial research indicates it may be a PayPal issues, maybe, maybe not. Still looking.
It may be fixed. Had to reenable IPN (Instant Payment Notification) on PayPal and provide it with the forums callback URL. I'll know when the next renew kicks in, which should be tomorrow. I shall track it, and see what happens then, and then probably go in and update everyone manually that fell through the paypal-hole.

I was able - at least according to PayPal - to resend the payment confirmation for the following users:
- Kiki
- craig
- rdketchup
- matt2k
- eisbär
- misrabelle

As of right now, it seems to have propagated at least for Kiki, with a delay of several minutes. I am watching the progress and I will have to go in manually for any payment older than 28 days - thanks paypal.

-edit 2-
I have manually updated everyone since March 2022, where it apparently last worked properly. I am still waiting for it to maybe work for the aforementioned people, like Kiki, since PayPal claims it should. But Kiki was also the only one-time-payment, who knows if that had an effect. If it didn't propagate by tomorrow, I'll manually set everyone else to Donor.
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Oooh, another Jeep weekend so I'm just catching up - thanks for all the info Thomas!

In case it helps, everything looks good from my side as well in terms of PayPal email notifications, payment etc.