The Final Gear Wine Society


the fool on the hill
Dec 11, 2005
Aurora, IL
You love wine. You would like to recommend wine. Or you just finished off a bottle and want to tell about your impression, or give advice. Inspired by Oz and James Big Wine Adventure, I give you, The Final Gear Wine Society.

Let us talk about wine. And dont be afraid to be poncy about it, that is what this thread is for!

For starters: I have just finished off a bottle of Camelot Chardonnay, 2003 vintage. Very smooth and rich, it can be drunk alone and it is an excellent table white wine. Overpowering smell and taste of apples, with virtually no aftertaste. An excellent white wine for the amateur wine connoisseur , like myself.

"Ohmygod...he's drinking a chardonnay with steak! What a faux-pas!"

Couldn't help it...

Given that most of the members on this board are below the legal drinking age, or are in the age group more taken by Kool-Aid with Russian Prince vodka, I'm not too sure how active a 'society' this will be. For what its worth though, there's quite a few good Canadian wines out there, many rated above recent offerings even from the historic regions of France and Italy. Check out Jackson-Triggs (the Meritage is great), Mission Hill (Oculus 2002, one of the finest I've had), Cedar Creek, Grey Monk, Sumac Ridge, and Vineland Estates. They all have some great offerings, especially 2001-2004.
For price point (drinkable but only between 5 and 8 GBP) Penfolds OZ Chardonnay (a bit over Oaked IMHO sometimes) and Shiraz - excellent with red meat as great un-pretentious buys in the UK - Supermarket fodder but nice. There has been some nice Chablis going about at XMAS from France too.
I'm a massive fan of Australian wines (well, duh), mainly Brown Brothers and Penfolds but there's also some really nice smaller wineries in Victoria (the Mornington Peninsula), Red Hill winery being the best of the bunch.

Although I drink more beer than wine, a good glass of red or white never goes astray.
^ Yep we have had some good to great OZ wine at reasonable prices for some time now - keep up the good work chaps!
You guy's in the UK get stuff like wolf blass don't you? (not bad for a cheapie)

The barrosa valley in SA produce some pretty awesome wines (fox creek etc)

Usually when i'm out i'll have a beer with starters and wine with my main course and polishing it off with spirits depending...
^ Yep get them all right, not tried the Wolf Bass, my mate from Queensland had a downer on it so stuck with the Hardys and Penfolds recently.
Great stuff down in the Margaret River region as well.

I feel that you can taste the difference between a $10 wine and a $20 wine, but after that it's all bullshit.
Just had to post this, was sent it in an email.
Wine drinkers vs Beer drinkers
It's a fine year that = They just cleaned the tap lines

It's fruity with a hint of nutmeg = It's 5.8% so I'm well on my way

It has been in my cellar for months = I stole this from a party last night

It compliments seafood = It compliments all types of souvas

It's from France = It's from Abbotsford

Our kids have been accepted into Scotch = I think she is going to keep it

*Abbotsford, where this is brewed
**Scotch College, a very big, very prestigious private school
Any beer with the motto "Made from Beer" is not high on my list of things to try.
Any beer with the motto "Made from Beer" is not high on my list of things to try.

It's actually a really nice, easy drinking sessional beer. But don't worry, there's a big range of much better beers that my palette gets to experience all the time.

But this isn't about beer, this is about wine!

Having steak tonight, I think the parents are getting out some nice shiraz, probably South Australian. Yummy, can't wait.
You all want to try some South Australian, Grant Burge Shadrach. It's the best red I have ever had.
now this is convenient. Just yesterday I had a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon (2004, from a little wine region in Slovenia, Gori?ka Brda) and it was just perfect with my meal.
Allthough i prefer white sweet wines, you cannot do better than a good red wine with your pork.
I did try some australian wine and i must say i was surprised. It was pretty good. You should try south african wines though, some are near perfection.
Great stuff down in the Margaret River region as well.

:thumbsup: I went on a wine tasting tour when I was there, good thing I didn't have to drive afterwards :mrgreen:
Puhh... Not that much into wine, unfortunately. I'm just glad if I don't have a headache the next day... Well, right now its not a problem since I'm fasting anyway...

Well, maybe I get a couple of recommendations outta this!
Ch?teau de Headache is also good this time of year.

Ch?teau Vedefloor as well.