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FA Cup Final Score
Chelsea 2 ? Everton 1

Scorers: Drogba & Lampard ? Chelsea and Saha ? Everton
Man of the Match : Ashley Cole (Chelsea)

Chelsea after a wobbly start, were composed and classy enough to equalise then take the lead to win the trophy, deservedly, I might say. :)
Red Star fans are nuts.

Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink could be hit with a fine after lighting a cigar in the Wembleydressing room following his side's FA Cup win.

Dutchman Hiddink was captured smoking on camera as heperformed a bizarre victory dance with club owner Roman Abramovich.

But his antics breached the Government's strict ban onsmoking in enclosed public and work places.

Anyone caught lighting up illegally can be fined s50 -reduced to s30 if it is paid within 15 days.

The FA, who own Wembley, could also be fined s2,500 forallowing Hiddink to spark the cigar.

Brent Council's health and safety team are expected todiscuss whether to take any action against Hiddink and the FA today (Mon).

Hiddink and Abramovich let their hair down in the dressingroom after Chelsea's 2-1 victoryover Everton.

Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard scored for Chelseaafter Louis Saha had put Everton ahead in a record-breaking 25 seconds.

Billionaire Abramovich recorded the jubilant scenes on hismobile phone as Chelsea's playersjoined in.

Hiddink, whose tenure as manager ended after the game, said:"There was South American, eastern European and African dancing going on.

"All the players and staff were involved. My whole bodywas moving in perfect time to an African dance. At least that's what I toldmyself."

The smoking ban was introduced in Englandon July 1, 2007 aftersimilar bans were implemented in Wales,Scotland and Ireland.

A month later The Rolling Stones angered anti-smoking groupsby lighting up during their gig at the O2 arena.

Keith Richards and Ronnie Woods took part in the on-stagerebellion to the delight of fans.

The group and venue owners escaped a fine after GreenwichCouncil said it was "satisfied" the incident was a one-off.
US 2-Honduras 1
Honduras- Costly 5'
US- Donovan (pen.) 44', Bocanegra 69'

I was there. Apparently someone on stubhub was up to some mischief because I (and a couple of US supporters) ended up in a sea of Honduras fans, who outnumbered the US fans at least 3 to 1. It got a little crazy after the second US goal, the Hondurans started throwing beers at us and so someone rifled one back, which only pissed them off more. I saw some woman get beaned in the face twice with beers thrown by the same guy. What an asshole.

Still, OLE, OLE OLE OLE! USA! USA!{F9E570E6-407E-44BC-800F-4A3110258114}&newsid=6634291

Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of ?80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

At Cristiano's request - who has again expressed his desire to leave - and after discussion with the player's representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player.

Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.
Damn...That's some scrills.
I'm happy with that deal. 3 x ?25-30m players will always be superior to any other player.
LOL !!!

TMZ got these photos of Paris and Cristiano snuggling up at club MyHouse last night. A source close to Paris told us Ronaldo was staring at her all night before he finally went up to her. After he finally got the nerve to approach her, we're told he couldn't keep his hands off her and they eventually headed over to sister Nicky's house.

Our source said, "Paris is stoked to be with a real athlete -- unlike her ex, a low-paid minor league baseball player."
In the last 5 minutes of the Romania's Cup final, this happened...


Shameful and stupid. And happening under the eyes of our Prime Minister, who was attending this game in the officials' box.
Violence at football really seems like an big problem in Eastern Europe. Not here though, because footballs not very big here.
How about that 1-0 up at half time against the eyetalians. :D

Well done Jozy for the pk call, and well done landycakes!
Is it just here, or are you guys missing the on-screeen clock and scores on Confederation Cup games?
Man did we get screwed with the red card early. Also re Giuseppe Rossi, I guess this is a bit how Ghana feels with Freddy Adu.