The Forum Rules

Thanks for that, I understand that too, but like in the entertainment section, when can somebody make a new topic. If you want I can let you know about what for instance.
As long as there isn't a currently active thread about the same thing, it's OK to start a new thread. If you screw up, rest assured people will report it and we'll merge it with the other active topic, but it's not something for which you'll get an infraction or any other punishment.


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Hi, I've recently joined the forum and I tried to create a thread yesterday but it never popped. However I can post in other people's threads. Is my thread in the moderation queue, lost in the ether, or did I miss a rule that states that I can't create threads for X reason?
Hey, I'm a new user so I can't PM you, and I'm not sure if what i want to post is advertising or not, so i'll ask you here. I found out that BBC has a show (called Points of View) where people can send their views on BBC shows, and I thought it'd be a nice thing to have in this forum, as we all love sharing our opinions ;). Is that postable? Thanks :))