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"Then I filled the Humidifier with wax. Now the room's all shiny."
some say his favourite car have 30 gears,and none of them goes forward

after run 27 red lights,17 streets,hundreds polices put gun on him,and him realize him can;t fix all four flat tires in time,it is first time he learn how to break

some say he recently married james Ferrari 430's tank,and he threat james he is only one who can fill his wife

some say he fancy his coffee not with milk or sugar ,but big content of Viagra,and he would;t go to your home for a dinner unlese you service him chicken feather

some say when he drive only based on view of right rearview mirror,and he would;t stop at road to help you unless you can tell his nick name:slap me at bottom.

some say his only super power is live on mars but he can never get there

thanks,you don;t that fancy joke ,don;t you

en,usually,i drank coffee in chinese tea cup

thanks,you don;t that fancy joke ,don;t you

en,usually,i drank coffee in chinese tea cup

Confucius say :in fact i am the spider-man,it is good final to tell truth

en,they tranlate my word to r2d2 langue

oh,nice to be first guy insert here from china,yeah.

oh,then it is not so cherr for

bcz iron duct turn him on,you should been there when he pass a tunnel

don;t worry about that,some FBI already KO by my front door last night

i am comeing before you did????

i only attacked some pron web and here,it only two thing i do online - =0

hey,go drool somewhere else,don;t act a real cock here

you did,you drooling guy

These posts belong in here, they shall be chiseled into stone and read aloud to the future.
And that should be a permanent reminder why we typically block ip ranges from china..
This is for posterity

How is that not tech?

It's a flashlight you pedantic fuck.

How is that not tech?

It's just a charger you pedantic fuck.
Because this thread is not complete without accusing Ice of being a pedantic fuck.

It has wires, man-made materials, circuitry and electricity going through it! Bring on the "everything past the wheel is technology in slovenistan jokes", but that's fucking tech, you donkey wipes!

And here I thought everything after fire was technology in Slovenia... :p

And continued here
ah n00bs....

I warned you about the Insight. It really is a dreadful car. I'd rather have syphillis, and slightly less, a Prius.
From IRC:

[23:16] <thomas> "my car weights 3 bedrocks and 36 pebblestones"
[23:16] <thomas> brits..
[23:16] <SaabTouch> we're stupid

[23:16] * Galantti touches SaabTouch's saab inproperly
Quoted for posterity.

I was gone for 3 days, missed anything?
I swore off watching Doctor Who after finding out that Matt Smith was being replaced by Robert Pattinson
MWF decided he wanted to give in to his secret desires and buy an skoda. He's also left to join a union so he can destroy it from the inside.
Clegko revealed what we all had suspected and that he was secretly from the United Kingdom. McLightning is the only way that his inner yank is revealed.
Captain 70's has decided to move forward with the times and is now known as Captain 80's. He's now growing seagull haircut and wearing shoulderpadded jackets.
Ninjacoco has stopped wanting a porsche and balls. She now desires BMW's and triangles.
The next series of Top Gear has been suspended because He-He has locked up andy willman in her cellar for her own producing purposes.
Jay finally snapped and turned to the dark side. It is said that he is now building his own personal empire and looking for funds to construct a death star.
BlaRo has been replaced by a evil clone that can't tell his left from his right.
Bobele23's addiction to My Little Pony reached the point where his view of reality shifted and he only saw other people in their pony forms.
Pedocras has stopped reposting from 9gag and now posts from reddit.
Ashspet has gone off to join the nuns and sworn to a life of celibacy
Shirahime is currently at her majesty's pleasure because she tried to tackle a rugby player. While not in a game of rugby either.
Spectre admitted that deep down he's a closet hippy and has a secret collection of flowers.
Emarline is now a millionaire after including a fee for people to see her photos.
LP's head finally exploded when he took in too much information from class and forgot to dump intelligence by viewing the internet.
Brydie76's current whereabouts are unknown. the last thing she mentioned was she was off to find some Neukirchner bloke. Who strangely enough has been kidnapped by a crazed australian fan. wonder if there's a coincidence.
NoNeedForAChestWig has admitted that he actually does need a chest wig now since the last girl he dated attacked him with a lawnmower.
ZeDestructor is still in class at the moment, although he has decided to change classes and is now doing his secret passion. A class in fashion and hairstyles.
Quiky's banhammer finally exploded from overuse so is now being replaced by a ban-chainsaw. The top gear section is now littered with troll body parts.
Heathrow found out that he was on Murdoch's watchlist. He's now missing, presumed to be hunting down Murdoch armed only with a pair of nutcrackers.
Katwalk was found out to be a assassin. She hides behind her drawings and My Little Pony to make her look all innocent when she is actually planning of the best way to dump a body.
Dr Grip turned out to be a bond villain and is now posting threads from his secret underground lair.
Paperbiro admitted he really is only 3 years old and has the intellect of a criminal mastermind. He is now believed to be the original inspiration for stewie griffin.
Viper007Bond's WoW addiction returned, he has not been seen since. His sister Talaaya has taken over and declared that all game console owners are to be immediately banned with no chance of parole.

and Ice and D-Fence have admitted to the love that dare not speak its name.
Dude everyone is insecure at some level about something.

For the girls you're dating/searching I'm sure they're worried about their penis size. It's natural.
Ninjacoco has stopped wanting a porsche and balls. She now desires BMW's and triangles.

...never! :lol:
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