The Funny Forum Quotes thread

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"I've got triangles of steel!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Post funny quotes you found on this or any other forum:D I'll start with a few:

-?Head, meet mr. Keyboard. Mr. Keyboard, meet my head. ?ow.? ? The K/Potassium

-?P: Oh no, I poked my eye out with my tongue!? -Unknown

- N00b: "Hi Potty!" Potassium: "Call me that again and I'll decapitate you. It's K, goddammit!" (Potassium is a girl)

- ?I could be posting right now, but I am not.? ?Hate to disappoint you, chief, but you just did.? ?That?s gold. Pure f*ckin? gold.? ?Marcos, The K and Tears of a Madman

-?Like I said, you're contradicting yourself, so stop talking before the hole you dig reaches the Earth's core and kills us all with a massive volcano.? ? BlaRo

- ?This guy is clearly off his self-righteous rocker and a few sandwiches, a basket, and a whole army of ants short of a picnic.? ? Blind_Io

-?Remove head from rectum before speaking. Until then STFU.? ? Blind_Io

-?OK, wait for it comes ...... brace yourself.... this is it........ BARF!!? ?Epp B

And one of my favorites ever, from a member profile:

"Location: I do not need a location, for I am the Mother Fucker of the universe."

Post away:)

"Every heart that is not broken is not a heart"
Fr?d?ric Beigbeder
I've been reading the posts by our dear friend Tomaserator today and they're a good laugh, some of the best repair suggestions I've ever seen. They tend to repeat themselves though so I've combined them in to a guide worthy of a Haynes manual.

Hey, it's a coincidence that I had the same problem as you.

What I did was I unwelded the intake pipe and muffler, and attached them to the blow off valve.
Remove the camshaft, and then you drill a hole in every cylinder approximately 1 mm across.
Unscrew the steering wheels, and use it as a spare tire, then weld the spare tire to the blow off valve.
Saw your camshaft in half and attach both pieces to the blow off valve.
Leave it for a day, create a 2:1 Liquid nitrous oxide to oil mixture, and fill er up. Leave it running overnight to wash out all the oil, then run water and then nitrous oxide through the engine in that order precisely, then, remove the gas tank and line the walls with sugar.
Then take the windshield wiper fluid, and pour it into the cylinders, take the intercooler, and bolt it to the supercharger, and make sure they both receive a sufficient fuel to air ratio.
Add a carburetor and a torque converter, and remove the camshaft.
Weld your limited slip differential together.
Put it all back together, buy a fireball sticker for your car, and then buy a big wing for the back of your car to reduce downforce, cheers.

Do it.
Does anyone know what this quote means Greatness is nothing but a great aptitude for patience its been driving me mad thanks
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