The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

Actually, though it looks really bad in that pic, if there's a significant crosswind (as I'm guessing there was), a crabbed approach as you see here can work quite nicely.

how about now:

^^:lmao: Brilliant.

^ I wonder how many people needed new pants after hitting the runway and not getting stable again.
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The landing when I went to Hong Kong was pretty much like that.
All that water surrounding the airport didn't make things easier.
Two thoughts ... first ... is that a ryan-air harp there on the rudder? Second ... aren?t runways supposed to be FLAT LEVEL?

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jedd_kenobi: I feel sorry for all the uncomfortableness you must deal with each day.. too bad you can't neg rep people in real life..

*snip spoiler*

Ok......this will end badly.
surely not, I forgot the spoilers, then added them, then I realized I should have posted the naked Homergirl in NSFW. stupid me.. now back to the funny :)
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Reminds me of this ?ber-pilot :clap:

At times like this you remember why the pilots are trained professionals. Respect for flooring it when things looked too ugly.

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