The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

I have 3 of them, the fourth never appeared. :dunno:
yeah..I like to

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February 24th, 2005, 06:06 AM


Well. At least he isn't necro'ing threads. Welcome to FG

Remember gaasc, tolerate.

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This sort of thing is getting old but it never ceases to make me laugh.

Nah, those twitter people aren't First World problems...those are just stuck up asshole problems.

First World Problems is me right now, I was playing real hockey and took a puck to the thumb...and it is now purple, and I can't play NHL12 anymore because it hurts too much.
See, first world problems.
I have 3 of them, the fourth never appeared. :dunno:

That was the case for me until about a year ago when it started to gradually appear. It's most of the way through now but slightly wonky and has stopped growing although a during a recent routine check-up at the dentist she told me it looked pretty solidly stuck there so shouldn't cause any problems.
They're spoiled brats who need a good arse-kicking problems. <_<

Hey I have to agree. I'm their age and you would think that even with all of the shiny things I get I would complain about that, but you have to earn things like that if you really want them. I'm saving up for a better phone for when we can get new phones in May. I don't DESERVE an iPhone or a Smartphone or a new car, but I think having a phone that doesn't have massive issues with the buttons pressing down constantly (therefore messing up some basic functions of the phone such as being on) would be good considering how much I use it. (I did get a refurb TomTom for Christmas which I didn't ask for nor was I expecting, which is better than no GPS because you never know when I may have to go somewhere and I don't know where it is.)
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The stupid is literally overwhelming
Indeed. I love how that whole thing is actually proof of evolution, or in this particular case a distinct lack of it.

I suspect trolling because surely anyone dumb enough to believe and espouse that kind of shit has to be so stupid that they need to remember to breathe.
Quite frankly if they had been my kids and they reacted like that, they'd be having a "finding a roof over their head" issue shortly thereafter. And they'd be working at the soup kitchen every night for a year.