The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

I put an audiobook on CD for my dad to use in his car, I snuck in to make sure it worked and I completely missed the chance to activate shuffle. :p
Having to take a Meyers-Briggs test for school, and this option popped up in the "Leisure Activities" section:


Who does that for "leisure"?!
I totally get it and think it's hilarious, but help me explain it to me dumb friend here. 😅
Seems like they were trying to get a goatse type of effect from the graphic.
Smells like tuna, tastes like chicken?

Seems like a strange way to store that grouping of items.
In the description, they say it's a "meal prep device", in that you'd load it up with all of the ingredients you are going to be putting in to the daily lunch boxes, and then deal out the items...which adds needless steps and dish-dirtying to the process. I was just amused by the fish + Cosmetic. And using it as a phone stand, I'm imagining some make-up tutorial Tik-Toker talking into the camera, then pulling out a fish and applying it like lipstick.
With it saying 'cosmetic', I'd bet that's not food-plastic.