The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

Not spectacularly funny, but funnier than the top post was the coincidence of the ad placement below it on my IG feed.

I've more then once thought about looking for a place that sells them, but apart from maybe the bedroom I don't really have I place to put one.
I really like those more or less subtle themed items where you don't really notice it at first glance (or might never notice it if you're not into that certain franchise). I've got a bunch of subtle Star Wars and LOTR themed t-shirts like that. And a bunch of less subtle stuff as well off-course. My kids started giving me Star Wars stuff every birthday and Christmas a couple years ago so I use/wear my Star Wars mugs, slippers, key chains, socks, ... with pride (y) 😅.
SAG-AFTRA strike hitting hard.