The Good News thread


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Nov 5, 2007
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I realized that the world today can be a bit of a downer. Yet, each and every one of us has little moments of good in our lives, things that don't nestle easily into a Car Ownership thread, or a Random Thoughts thread.

Here's a place you can brag about the good that happened to you, or people you know, recently. Pregnancies, new houses, promotions, all of it. Go ahead. Share!
Apparently there aren't good news anywhere... :lol: :|

Nah, in all seriousness, there is a positivity thread already.

Maybe this thread can serve as something like "good news somewhere else in the world". :)
Eye-Q Ah, I missed that. Thank you!
Today I read an article about renewable energy in Germany: the highest percentage of renewable energy that has ever been achieved in a single day has been on January 28th 2018 where 81% of energy which has been supplied in Germany came from renewable resources. On average the percentage in 2017 has been 36% so there's still a long way to go to get to 100% renewable energy, but we're on our way.
I hear that "Renewable Power" is a fad and will never really work... /sarcasm

It is nice to see such strides being made despite the cry of "I will save coal" here. We have slowed down a bit, but the march towards renewable power will still move forward despite those that cling to old ways of doing things.

And that is good news. ;)
A similar topic: there are shipping companies which transport goods by traditional sailing ships, for example Fairtransport or Timbercoast. Apparently the demand is higher than those shipping companies can serve, and while the costs are of course much higher than on huge container ships and the shipping companies currently don't earn profit they are planning on expanding their fleets with modern sailing ships, Then there is the (admittetly first seemingly crazy) idea to use the hull of a ship itself as a sail in the Vindskip. Additionally, there are other companies which try to at least support the engines when the winds blows from behind via kite, for example SkySails.

Oh come on, you knew it was coming.