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The Gorilla pod

:thumbsup: I want one 8)
Skoshi said:
Thats kinda cool.. Doubt it could handle the weight of ma' DSLR though :roll:

Yeah, there are many knock offs of this type of tripod, I gotta agree here and say that it wouldn't support a DSLR, but thats probably not what its made for.
mgkdk said:
:thumbsup: I want one 8)
Just ordered one :mrgreen:, well actually two, and two extra clips :happy:
Looks cool. I don't know that will I ever need one, but looks cool.
It says coming soon: GorillaPod Pro and SLR, so i'd imagine they would be able to handle heavier cameras. The max weight of the original is 335g, which is about half the weight of one of my lenses!! Would be interesting to see the later models....
ooo looking forward to the gorillapod SLR.
Got it :D Actually a couple of days ago but didn't get around to take any pictures untill now.

Hanging on the camera bag strap

Posing :mrgreen:

Spying on the neighbours

Hanging around :thumbsup: