The GT5 Used Car Exchange

Does someone have a 61 E-Type JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG that i can get ahold of

Can I ask for something other than cars here? Because I fancy some beige/metallic beige/gold paint chips.
Haven't checked my paints since I don't usually bother changing them....I'll have a look though when I get home.

edit: I have a spare 'Heritage Gold Metallic' chip if you'd like that one.
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Yes, please, anything beige and golden goes :happy:
Hi, i'm looking for a Chaparral 2J.

I have a Mark IV, 908HDi, X2010 Vettel, 787B, F2007, Toyota 7, R92CP, R390, XJR-9 ... to exchange.

Anyone have a stock '04 BMW M3 (E46)? I have a Ford GT (no stripe) I don't need. I have a lot of random cars I don't really need so if you want something specific, let me know.

Got 2 in phoenix yellow or 1 Laguna Seca blue or 2 oxford green if you want, I'm always looking out for Sprinter Trueons and Levins :) I also have quiet a few RUF's,Alfa's,Nismo's and Spoon's
Traded with someone on GTP. Thanks anyway. :)