The Gun thread

Bought a CZ-75 today, unfortunately I can't pick it up until Friday.
The GT500 will be purchased when I graduate from law school. :p

Thanks guys.
If either of you visit Florida, you're more than welcome to shoot it.

Decided to go this route. Just ordered. Will report back when I pick it up.

Arrived at my FFL last night. Would pick it up today, but I'm up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for a conference, so it'll have to wait 'till Monday.
Where at in the U.P.?

I don't know a lot about things to see in the Eastern U.P., if you were in the western end, I would have loads of places for you to see.
I don't know a lot about things to see in the Eastern U.P., if you were in the western end, I would have loads of places for you to see.

Its ok, I didn't have time to go sightseeing. 2 very busy days. On the other hand, we left early today and I had time to swing by and pick up my new baby.

I'm thinking about selling my Springfield 1911 GI Microcompact and getting a full frame 1911 that would be a good base gun that I could upgrade over time.

It has a bit of wear where I used to carry it, but it probably has about 1,000 rounds through it (I listed it on reddit at 2,000, but I think that's way too much). So I'm wondering what I might get for this one.



What do you guys think for a good 1911 to start with? One of the things I don't like about this one is the lack of sights that are available. I can always upgrade barrels, bushings, triggers, seers, hammers, etc down the road - actually, that's one of the things I want to do is have a 1911 I can build into my own. I do want a good base gun to start with. New or gently used doesn't matter, but I don't want to go over $700 and would ideally like to be closer to $500-$600.
A Norinco wouldn't be a bad starting point if you could find one. They are supposedly contain a lot of forged parts.
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Well, one question is what upgrades would you want to be doing?

Scar: The frame was forged. Unfortunately the rest of it was sometimes junk. People building them often stripped the frame and threw the rest in the garbage for good reason.
Probably sights, barrel, bushing, trigger, seer, hammer, maybe a flared mag well. If I wanted to go really crazy I might compensate it or suppress it.

All of this would be spread out over a very long time, I would want a decent base gun - but it would not have to be fancy.
You could do a complete build off a caspian frame. As for compensators, I have one that replaces the barrel bushing and it doesn't really make a difference. I don't even have a 1911 anymore so I can mail you the comped bushing to try, if you want.
One problem is that in your price range, you can get an awful lot of 1911s that already have those features installed.