The "Happy Birthday!" Thread

Happy Birthday fairlady!
Seems CrzRsn got a bit older and might get a discount on his insurance. Happy bday.
Happy birthday crzrsn
Happy birthday to the Dereks!
Happy Birthday PB!
Happy Birthday PB!
And also Lightning Count for Monday. :cheers:
Happy Birthday to Shad "Busy Steering" 68 and chaos386.

Happy Birthday to the AWOL British Rover and the esteemed Mr Hey Lolvo Esq. :cheers:
It is a COCO birth spasm anniversary.
Happy Birthday to me *blows whistle*
Oops, sorry, meant to post that yesterday.

Happy belated birthday Ricky :cheers:
Belated bday to Rick.
To rick and LooseUnit who also celebrated a birthday over the weekend. :cheers:
And today's Emarline. Happy birthday Em :cheers: