The "Happy Birthday!" Thread

Happy birthday Matt, you old fart!
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Happy birthday guys :cheers:
Happy getting (even :p ) older day!
Happy birthday, Matt!
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Thanks all :)
Happy Birthday to Nabster! :cheers:
Yes, happy bday to the clock fixer.
Happy Birthday to Der Stig and Redliner! :cheers: :banana:

(Because of one of you already lives in a Banana Republic and in about a week the other one may be too! :p:p)
Uh, I don't see their b-days listed, but happy b-day.
Happy Birthday, BlaRo! :cheers:

In honour of the occasion I shall now dance around the kitchen performing my own version of "I'm Too Sexy for This Thread" by Right Said Fred? Rong Z Blake. :mouse:
Happy belated b-day Blaro
Happy belated Blaro birthday!
This thread is long neglected...

Happy Vaginal expulsion Day to Gilles27 (32),
Lupin_IV (29),
Bobele23 (29)

Cheers folks! :cheers:
With a bit of a delay for IceBone, but still. :beer:

And more timely gratulations for narf. :-D