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Apr 24, 2006
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So in the past we've had a santa hat your avatar thread and a halloween hat your avatar thread. So why not take it another notch and make it all holidays?
I've asked Viper if it's ok to make a new one while the other one is still in the off-topic section and he's granted me permission.

Post here if you'd like to get your avatar in the holiday spirit and some generous photoshop experts might just do that for ya. You can also show off your own creations!

Following this message are some example avatars with hats that you can download. Few notes: These are either .png or .gif files, so they are transparent - therefore save them directly by right clicking and clicking "save file as". Also, these are merely examples, you can pick any other hat obviously. As always, before you change your avatar to one that has been hatted: MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR OLD ONE. If you don't have it saved somewhere on your desktop, you will remain with whatever hat was put on until you find another one. The photoshoppers may not be able to recollect and give you back your unedited avvies.

I will try to continue editing the main post and add different example hats for different holidays.


(credit to BlaRo for the avatar image)

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The old santa hat was better.
As I said, no-ones forcing you to use the ones I posted, but I edited the one from the old thread just now anyways.
I dunno if I want to give mine a Santa hat, being an animated gif and all. Maybe I should change it to this image I have lying around for the holidays. It's from waaaaay back in the day, and is a screen from a highly obscure NES game I had lying around, except made more Santa in Paint.

Yes, I did once have far, far too much time on my hands.


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I'll get into the Christmas spirit eventually, not just yet lol.
Same here. I feel weird doing anything for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I hate Thanksgiving, so I'm not going to have anything Thanksgivingy around my av.

Maybe I'll just go with something fall-ish. With leaves or something. Ideas?
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Mine's been ready for Christmas since last year :D
I'm not going to bother since even though I'm in the US, Thanksgiving already happened in Canada, and it doesn't mean anything enywhere else in the world.
Clay has decided to join in the Thanksgiving spirit.

/I'm gonna have to do one o' these for Jessie now...
<<<< :p

I've got one for winter already

I've taken the liberty to prepare a Christmas-ish signature, however I think it's a bit early for that.
I'll just re-use the one I had last year... now where's that old thread?

edit : found it

here's my ill fitting hat avatar
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I might be cool with replacing the props with tiny gingerbread men.