The holiday hat your avatar thread

Actually i added the santa hat to the bouncing elephant, and editing gifs can be easy depending on what application you use, i go all the way and use photoshop, since im most comfortable with that, but there are dedicated gif editing apps available, but i find since i edit some of the images i use i'd prefer using something that was built for image editing to make/edit gifs
Guys/gals, please help me out. I'm looking for a post which explains how to edit a gif file. I think it was by Labcoatguy, when he added a santa hat to his bouncing elephant. I'd really like to learn how to edit a gif. Does anyone remember where that post was or if there's a better guide on gif editing somewhere on here?

Thanks in advance.

There is definitely a better post somewhere, as I only made the request for the bouncing elephant and had nothing to do with actually doing it. Blayde tends to be the go-to guy for these things, so hopefully he'll respond to your request.

EDIT: I must be psychic :D
Hey you two, thanks for helping. Blayde, do you know of any good tutorials on gif editing? I know I could probably google a thousand, but you have the inside scoop. I'd use Photoshop too.
honestly, i learned by practice and mistake, it's quite easy, if you know basic photoshop, gif editing is quite easy, it's just selecting frames and hiding and unhiding layers, i can try and find a few good ones, but honestly it's very easy to learn

this covers some techniques but also uses vector pens, so you need basic PS knowledge to use some of the techniques

but if your only objective is to slap some images together that's easy
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So basically, if I wanna make the thumbs up smiley suck one of this fingers, I have to edit each frame, move the finger to his mouth in every frame, then slowly frame by frame do the up/down movement? I know there are surely such smileys out there, this is just an example to see if I'm thinking right.
yes, basically you need to edit each frame that you want different, not very hard in small pixellated animations with a clear background
Okay, I know it's late, but anyone up for New Years Eve?


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Some suggestions for events coming up in the calendar:

On the 25th January, there is Burns? nights if you are Scottish, have Scots ancestors or drink Scotch, I suppose.

So, Avatars to include tartan, fake orange beards and tam-o? shanters. (The hats or bonnets.)

Likewise, on 17th March is St. Patrick?s Day, so paint your Avatar green and add Guinness, etc.

January 26 is Australia Day! Hats with corks, cans of beer and Aussie flags.....
Back from the holidays and I'm off the theme. Changing it again once March Madness comes around.