The holiday hat your avatar thread

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Anybody want to give Olivia a hat?

edit: hold on, need a new version first.

edit: actually I'll hold onto the original version for a little while. be back in a few weeks :)
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Here's my first take on it:

Second 'take':

:lol: That is pretty good, especially #2 with the teethies. Anyone else want to take a crack at it?
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First one for sure. Second one seems awkward, if that is the word to use?
Could someone try mine, please?

And I agree with what Jay said about using the 1st one, h-p.
Bah humbug, it's not even December yet! No idea what I'm going to do, maybe I'll just dig up last years (can't even remember what it was).
I was about to post a request as well, but the I remembered I have one that I prepared earlier. :D

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I think :mwf: needs to become :mwfsanta: for the month of December. Anyone fancy a crack at it?
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