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The holiday hat your avatar thread

Ocelot!Ocelot has yet to discover that witches' hats are like engravings on a handgun: they give no tactical advantage whatsoever...

(Almost forgot this existed...)
I haven't taken mine off from many hanukkahs ago. It's probably going to stay indefinitely.
Oh go on then. :D
Hallowe'en isn't a "holiday" - we don't get time off from work. It's just another excuse to slap a price tag on a load of pointless shite just like Valentine's, Father's Day and so on.

Many of the major chains here are having "half term toy sale events" FFS!!! Since when did having a week off school become a reason to get new toys?? :mad:

Obligatory Hicks.....

I do, every year, although at least Christmas does celebrate the alleged arrival on earth of the person around whom the entire belief system is predicated and was only hijacked by commercialism in the last century or so.
There is evidence to the existence of Jesus Christos - he was half Greek and half Spanish, is credited with the invention of both gyros and albondigas and was known to have put up a couple of shelves.
MR2 bird is worried about the fate of its turkey bretheren this season.
Oh man, my avatar needs a hat. :D


Apparently, Creepy Smiling Background TG Audience Member got to Ocelot, and gave him a hat, too...
Ocelot is so ready for the holidays that even his revolver's getting in on the act.
Did mine yesterday, forgot to post. Let's hope that I'm not predicting the future though. Wasn't going to use the hat but then I remembered that the hat was the whole point at the start and it fitted nicely.