The 'I don't like Tesla' Thread

@DanRoM my apologies for disrupting this thread. I just read the title of the thread, not the previous replies and made my interpretation on what it was about as I thought, wrongly, that this is another Random Thoughts thread.

As for my replies on the other thread have you noticed the amount of of user replies are being made in the past 12 months compared to say before year 2015? There's a been a drop of user interaction.

If no one bothers to start a thread much less reply then the forum will die.

I've noticed this last month when I started using my username from my >3 year absence from online forums. 2/3rds of the forums i used to visit have

- their URLs deactivated

- URL is still active but points to a different spam website

- URL points to the original forum but no activity in months/years except for bots

- online forum is as vibrant as FG but at a fraction of user visits & user interaction pre-2015

- online forum got hacked

As for the threads I created I copy pasted it from previous ones I made elsewhere. As people are into gear it may be of interest what is happening to cameras we use whether it be

- point & shoots

- dSLR to mirrorless

- medium format cameras

I know some users have reported me fearing that my account was hacked due to "headcase" post but perhaps the threads I post are too focused on camera gear that is normally discussed on an auto forum?
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The next one I’m gonna go ahead and call incredibly daft… :|

TLDR: ditching the ultrasonic sensors for just camera based. Sure.


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One more reason to buy literally anything else.

I think that runs afoul of the Magnusson Moss Warrenty act.

This is the law that prevents automakers from requiring an owner to use only their parts, or those from an approved company on a vehicle, or it voids the warranty. This will be interesting to see how it shakes out.
stealing this comment right from reddit
It is pretty funny that people are focusing on the clickbait headline but ignoring that most of the bottom ranking manufacturers are also the other biggest EV producers.
\18. Ford
\19. Tesla
\20. Chevrolet
\23. Jeep
\24. Mercedes-Benz
19th isn't good but it says on the website that they jumped up 4 places this year. I'd expect much better from VW or Mercedes-Benz.
Uh, why didn't the auto braking system work?
Because you can override that by pressing the accelerator :dunno: (which, incidentally, to me pulls into doubt the whole "involuntary" thing)

personal anecdote of the day: driving down the autobahn, 125 km/h, very little traffic, clear sky and sunshine. basically perfect autopilot conditions. auto-wipers go brrrrrrr which i can't turn off unless i want to lose all assistants.
auto-wipers go brrrrrrr which i can't turn off unless i want to lose all assistants.
It's the kind of thing that would be fixed by using radar!
It's the kind of thing that would be fixed by using radar!
strange, you'd think usually a software update actually makes the car better... rather than taking a functionality away from you. honestly up until today i didn't have any issues, neither with the automatic wipers nor with the automatic high beam that they had to put in for vision only assistants. what somehow irks me most is the fact that this happened in what would usually be considered perfect AP conditions (except for glare in the repeater cam, which couldn't have hit the windscreen since I was going west)...
I did stop and think for a while because I didn't remember being forced to have the wipers on in my car while using Autopilot. That's because I wasn't.