The 'I don't like Tesla' Thread

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective​

Wheels falling off cars at speed. Suspensions collapsing on brand-new vehicles. Axles breaking under acceleration. Tens of thousands of customers told Tesla about a host of part failures on low-mileage cars. The automaker sought to blame drivers for vehicle ‘abuse,’ but Tesla documents show it had tracked the chronic ‘flaws’ and ‘failures’ for years.
This is my shocked face. 😐
This is my shocked face. 😐

TL;DR: Suspension collapsed on a new Tesla 2 days and less than 150 miles after delivery. Tesla blamed "preexisting suspension damage" and wouldn't pay for repairs totalling $14,000
Or a class action...

"I gambled away my interests and now I want them back. I want my new shiny AI toys!"

Tesla's German gigafactory could get power again on Monday​

German gigafactory near Berlin could be supplied with electricity again from Monday, the power firm in charge of fixing the outage, which began on March 5
The outage at the site in Gruenheide was a result of an arson attack on a nearby power pylon for which activists from the far-left Vulkangruppe claimed responsibility.