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Nov 30, 2008
Sydney, Australia
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I prefer animals to people, so while the things involving people - especially kids, leave me indifferent, anything to do with animals gets me right in the feels.
Animals are better people than people.


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May 29, 2008
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Sloth gets stuck on central reservation of motorway in Ecuador. Fortunately motorists rang the police who got him checked out by a vet before being returned to the jungle.


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Oct 16, 2007
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My fiance has stage 4 non hodgkin's lymphoma. Originally the cancer started in her stomach, but it has become aggressive and has spread to her brain stem. She just recently has changed to a different chemotherapy treatment. One that just leaves her in an immense amount of pain.
Every day.
All day.
Most of us, even myself at times, can't imagine what she goes though. However, almost every night when I get home from work and we settle down, we play black ops 3. I admit it I love to play the game. But this game has become almost therapy for her. When she plays she forgets about the pain. She forgets about the trouble in our lives.
She can loose herself, even if its for a few minutes a day. She and I are not the best of players. But we enjoy the time we share playing.
Hearing her laugh at a stupid death or kill makes me smile ear to ear. Yes she gets angry at the game just like we all do, but in that anger she also is at peace with herself. And its these times that I can look at her, and know she is not in pain. She is stronger than any person I have ever known and I will never love a person as much as I love her.
So thank you Treyarch. Thank you for being able to allow a person in so much physical and emotion pain get through a difficult time such as this.


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Nov 1, 2007

Domenic Pace, who has cystic fibrosis, always dreamed of being a superhero.

With a little help from the Make-A-Wish foundation and the NSW Police, his dream came true.

The chief of police called for his help after Iron Man's arch enemy Ultron and his henchmen 'kidnapped' reporter Hope Joy.

Domenic and his brother Joseph, aka Captain Rhodes, took to the skies and the seas to battle Ultron.

The rescue mission shut down parts of Sydney as Domenic was picked up in a helicopter and rushed by speed boat to Clark Island where he used his super powers to save Hope Joy.


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Jun 16, 2007
Jewish Actor Dustin Hoffman Weeps After Discovering Great-Grandmother Escaped Soviet Concentration Camp (VIDEO)

Famed actor Dustin Hoffman was reduced to tears on Tuesday after learning that his great-grandmother had escaped a Soviet concentration camp before starting a life for herself in America, People magazine reported.

The Oscar-winning star, who is Jewish, found out about his great-grandmother, Libba, on the season finale of Finding Your Roots, a PBS show in which celebrities scour ancestral records to learn about their family?s history. The show revealed that Libba had been taken from her home in Ukraine to a Russian camp when the Bolsheviks targeted Jews after the outbreak of the Russian civil war in 1917. She was 53 when she entered the camp, where she remained for five years. Both her husband and son were killed by the Soviet state security force, the Cheka.

Along with many other Jews fleeing Eastern Europe, she made her way to Argentina, and ultimately to America.

Looking at his great-grandmother?s medical records from Ellis Island, Hoffman, 78, discovered that Libba had entered the US in 1930 at age 62. The records show that her left arm had been amputated, she suffered from poor vision and was described as senile. Libba settled with family in Chicago, where she remained until she died in 1944 at the age of 76.

Tuesday night?s episode also highlighted Hoffman?s Jewish heritage, which his parents kept a secret.

?She was a hero,? Hoffman said of his great-grandmother, as tears streamed down his face. ?People ask me today: ?What are you?? I say, ?I?m a Jew?? I?m a Jew. They all survived for me to be here.?

Watch a segment of the episode below: