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Feb 17, 2006
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Yup, I bought a Dremel one some time ago. If the chuck in the power drill in my press holds it, I’ll try it that way; if not, I’ll have to find a way to hold the Dremel in the press.
I always have one of these on standby for small drills. Cheap and available everywhere.

With the Dremel glass bit it’s worth keeping in mind that a Dremel runs much faster than a drill press so it might be slow going.


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Nov 23, 2008
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Edit: Oh I keep forgetting to comment on those amazing paint jobs @shad_68, I can't really get my head around painting like that. Those prints look like powder bath prints due to the texture on them.
Thanks! Like everything it just takes practice. I've been doing this on and off for over 10 years, and more consistently as one of my main hobbies the last three years. Though it certainly doesn't have to take that long to get to a proficient level.
These days there's tons of great YouTube channels with really good tutorials explaining and showcasing techniques and even explaining stuff like the art theory behind color choices and the like. I've seen people get to incredible levels in relatively short time (within a year).
If you're interested, I threw together two galleries with WIP images that might help understand how these paint jobs come together.

The prints are actually SLA resin prints, which is the standard for minis since you don't need any durability and even relatively cheap printers can get great visual quality results. Fun fact though, these print were done by shapeways and the reason I got duplicate sets is because the original prints were incredibly bad. Like, bad by hobbyist levels and completely unacceptable for a professional service. So I asked for and got new prints that were still not great, but much better. I then went and sanded down all the print lines on the original ones with okay success.

This were the original prints:

And the replacements:
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