The Israel / Palestine mire (again)

Israel should talk tough and slink away. They blew up a diplomatic consulate and they are not James Bond.

And they seem to have intercepted over 300 drones and missiles in cooperation with several other nations’ forces. If that’s not a military and diplomatic victory, I don’t know what is.

But as we’ve seen in the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu probably won’t miss an opportunity to turn a widely accepted reaction to an attack into an unjustifiable war with thousands of civilian victims.

A U.S. diplomat tells NPR why she resigned in protest over the policy in Gaza​


Kelly: So if you could lean down and speak directly into secretary Blinken's ear, what would you tell him?

Rharrit: Please stop the violence and unconditional military support. This is causing a generational cycle of violence, secretary Blinken. Just think about the 20,000 orphans in Gaza. How are they going to grow up wanting peace? How will they not each want to pick up a gun and avenge the killing of their parents? This vicious cycle is only enabling more insecurity, more hate, more destabilization. The answer is not more bombs. The answer is diplomacy. The answer is us leveraging our influence on Israel, working with our regional partners across the Arab world, to put pressure on Hamas to get to a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel, which is a two-state solution that the U.S. has long supported.
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