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The Lotus Sport Exige GT3


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Oct 4, 2004

allcarnews.com said:
A prototype of the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 race car was unveiled at the annual FIA GT
Championship presentation ceremony outside the world famous Casino in Monte Carlo,
Monaco on 02 December, 2005. The following day (03 December 2005), the first test for the
car took place at the high speed Paul Ricard High Tech Test Track in Southern France under
FIA supervision, the first stage in the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 becoming eligible for FIA GT3
competition. This latest FIA series, which will start in 2006, is for race cars that have an equalpower to weight, and that have a direct lineage to their road going versions.

The Lotus Sport Exige GT3 entrant has been developed by Lotus Sport, the performance arm
of Lotus Cars and is a derivative of the standard Lotus Exige coup? model. Weighing in at
approximately 750 kg, it stays true to the ?performance through light weight? core Lotus
philosophy. The car uses a race prepared 1.8 2ZZ-GE VVTL-i engine with a Roots type
supercharger and air to air intercooler which utilises the Lotus T4e Engine Control Unit to
produce 285 hp (289 PS) at 7,800 rpm. This gives an impressive power to weight ratio of 380
hp / tonne or 2.6 kg / PS.

Following a brief shakedown programme at the Lotus Test Track at Hethel, factory test driver
Gavan Kershaw carried out final chassis set up work on wet tyres in the morning session at the Paul Ricard official FIA test. This was followed by an outing on slick tyres on a drying track by FIA nominated test driver Christophe Bouchut.

The FIA has announced a five race European championship for the new GT3 class with rounds in the UK, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. Various national GT Championships are also considering amending their regulations to include a GT3 class.

Basic prototype specification
Like the standard Exige, the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 comes complete with the award-winning
light weight bonded aluminium chassis. This is complemented by low weight 5-spoke forged
alloy wheels, carbon body panels, and a revised high downforce aerodynamic package
incorporating a race front splitter and adjustable carbon fibre rear wing.

An FIA 6-point roll cage, ignition kill switches, and uprated braking and suspension systems
including ?hlins 3-way adjustable dampers also feature on the new race car. A 6-speed
sequential transmission system, and full data logging system have been fitted to the singleseater prototype vehicle.
Availability, full specification, and price of the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 will be announced in early 2006.

About Lotus Sport
Lotus Sport is the performance arm of Lotus Cars Ltd and is located at the Norfolk Head Office next to the famous Hethel test track. The department designs and builds modified versions of the standard Lotus road cars with special emphasis on upgraded performance, improved ride and handling packages and race specific safety equipment.

Individual performance parts to customise or upgrade a vehicle are available via Lotus Sport and its workshops can service, repair, restore or upgrade a standard road or competition Lotus.

In addition, Lotus Sport provides a range of driving packages using the renowned Hethel test circuit,including driver training and corporate days, as well as offering enthusiasts a guided tour of the Lotus factory.

About the FIA GT3 European Championship
The FIA GT3 European Championship is an innovative new motorsport series, aimed at series Grand Touring cars with few modifications from their road-going models. Taking the form of a Cup of Cups, with six cars from each participating make competing both between themselves and between makes in order to win the overall FIA title. Reserved for nonprofessional drivers, and racing within the same meetings as the FIA GT Championship, the performance of the cars will be balanced in order to guarantee exciting, one-hour races
Nice color!
Weighing in at
approximately 750 kg, it stays true to the ?performance through light weight? core Lotus
I love that philosophy. If I ever design a car, I'll have that in mind.

Hey don't these use Toyota engines??
this car still hasn't died :x

i'm so fed up with that elise. how many years is it around? 15?
you know why there aren't any people around it?
it looks so evil, it kills everything in a 10m radius. except for the stig. he's not a person, he's a bionic ghost.

...wanted for questioning.

I bet if someone stepped out in front of that car traveling on the street, they would die before it had a chance to hit them.
I just want that.
watto said:
something said:
jayjaya29 said:
jayhawk said:
That Elise is sex on wheels.


agreed again :shock: :shock: :thumbsup:

...And again... :D

bone said:
this car still hasn't died :x

i'm so fed up with that elise. how many years is it around? 15?

You've obviously never been in one around a track...
I have - as a passenger. One of my best mates owns an older Elise (around 1999 I think) - the 160S, and it is... well amazing. Absolutely stunning. Sure you look undignified getting in and out, and it has very little creature comforts inside and sure your entire spine is compressed to the size of a pea when you go over a bump, but daymn does that thing go. It's only got a small engine (so top speed ain't great, and even acceleration ain't fantastic) but handling is just incredible.

And the new ones are apparently even better, though I've never been in one...

It's the only car I've felt comfortable being a passenger in at over 120mph.

Seriously, give it a go before you bash it. It may not have changed much, but there is a reason - just like the 911... (but then that's one of the reasons I'm not a fan of the 911, but I'm not gonna completely hate it till I try it...)

But yeah, this one = :drool:
Never wanted an Elise but the Exige's have been among my favorite cars. Take the Celica engine out though and drop the 2JZ-GTE from a Supra in there and i'll be happy.
It wouldnt' be stupid, if it actually fit. Which I doubt it would.