"The Matrix" Part IV to go into production - Keanu Reeves confirmed to return as Neo

I enjoyed the first film but the sequels are not so good.
I hear this a lot, and can see why. But I don't entirely agree. If you watch 2 and 3 back to back, the story is more coherent and IMO better for it.

Ive recently rewatched all 3 movies and no monher think the sequels were that bad....apart from the albino dreadlock ghost guys...

About 50% of the trailer looks like a remake of the first Matrix movie, 20% from the rest of the trilogy and the rest just falls into place between that -
In other news, Hollywood is still out of new ideas.

Yup, you were right...
So it's like maybe Neo's 'virtual self' got uploaded to the new rebooted Matrix... and another cycle began. And now the resistance is starting the process again? Wasn't the deal that Neo would give himself up to stop the cycle or something? I forget.
I don't know if I will be excited or not but I am sure that my brother will watch it.