The Meme Thread

Yeah but you can't get previous starters unless you know someone who has been playing all the way back to the GBA games (when there were remakes of red and green). The vast majority of the original pokemon unlock as catchable after you beat the elite four though, it's just that little kids wouldn't probably wouldn't know a lot of people who had charmanders laying around, I actually have a shiny charizard in my Black game.

I have a shiny charizard too! \o/

That bastard took forever to get... <_<
Got mine in fire red though.
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I believe I got mine for a mew. I have only found one shiny in my 10 year pokeymans career, which was a sandile.
I've come across a shiny ponyta and makuhita by accident, fished for weeks to try and get a shiny wailmer for my sister as a present (but failed and got a shiny sharpedo instead), and restarted the game an insane amount of times to get the charmander.

...I'm easily entertained.
In platinum you can use the grass shaky thing to "chain" pokemon, if you can effectively do it 40x in a row you can get a shiny of what you are chaining. I don't have the patience but my friend does and I have like a whole freaking box of shiny pokemon from her because she had so many extra.
Hope it isn't a repost, haven't followed this thread lately

Goddamn Freddy Mercury, why are you so funny as a meme? :lol: :lol:

Watching that movie for the first time right now.

And again.

And what a cast too. I'm surprised.
^ :lmao: I'm naming my Charizard Magikarp
This one's for katwalk...

Those bastards at nintendo this gen has created a truely trollworthy pokemon called zoroark. It doesn't just SAY caterpie, it looks like one too. Unlike ditto it keeps it's type and moveset so when you roll in with your super effective attack it brushes it off and kills you.

Oh also, I have a butterfree on my heart gold game I use to take out the entire elite four by itself. :|

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