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It's weird having a car with this much torque and this kind of torque curve. I'm used to torque peaking very high in the rev range and building up to that point. The turbo Ford isn't like that at all - the torque comes on strong at ~1700rpm, peaks quickly at 3000rpm, and stays pretty flat until ~4500rpm. Basically, boost hits and you ride a high wave of torque - that makes it feel like driving a CVT, as weird as that sounds. The turbos spool and suddenly it's a diesel locomotive, just pulling you into the distance. It's a strange but very addictive experience that I haven't had in any of my previous cars (because they had no torque) but it's also a different feel from a V8, which is more linear.

Also, I continue to be amazed at how capable AWD is in a quick vehicle. Dis gonna be fun!

I don't think I overpaid. There was just ONE Fusion Sport in my part of the country and it was the one I test drove - wrong color, missing the options I wanted, and I suspect it was a flood car. Carvana had about six Sports and they were very reasonably priced, based on Fusion Sport forum prices and KBB.

Overall my Carvana experience was positive. My biggest gripe is that they have no idea how things work in Massachusetts. For example, they had no clue that we don't have temporary plates. My car was supposed to be delivered on a Saturday and they wouldn't start the registration process until after I accepted the delivery - that means that the earliest I'd get plates and be able to actually drive the car would be Tuesday, which would really cut into my seven day test drive period (works fine in states that do have temp tags). On Friday night I got a call from their local office and they told me that I could just come pick up the car from their location (40min away) and they'd be able to register it on the spot and hand me my plates, so I did that. If you ever buy from Carvana, my suggestion is to ask them to put you in touch with their local office since they'll know the rules better than HQ does. One rep told me that PA also has unique rules, btw.

Other than that I had a good experience with them. I like that they post pretty detailed pictures of every car. I like the seven day return policy. My Ford came with four brand new tires and new brakes. They detailed the car for me inside and out. I was always able to get someone on the phone quickly and their customer service folks were all very helpful. Overall, 9/10 experience - I'd recommend them. Let me know if you buy from them, I can refer you and you'll get $500 off (which basically covers the delivery fee - they say they don't charge for shipping but they end up charging for delivery...).

Yeah, the 2.0T was my first experience driving a turbocharged vehicle - it's no twin turbo V6 screamer but the power delivery was indeed very nice for a tiny 4 banger.

Yeah the selection that they have is extensive which I like. I'll definitely make note to talk to a local office and if I do go with Carvana I'll honestly probably drive to the vending machine to avoid any delivery date mishaps.

Sadly PA doesn't allow the rebates to be used. :(
The only 2 Fusions I’ve driven were a 1.6 Ecoboost with a manual trans (for 6 months, was horrid) and a 2017 Hybrid (also horrid but thankfully just for a weekend). I look forward to having a go at this one :evil:

Edit: I lied. I’ve also driven a Mondeo Vignale wagon with the 2.0L diesel.
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The only 2 Fusions I’ve driven were a 1.6 Ecoboost with a manual trans (for 6 months, that this was horrid) and a 2017 Hybrid (also horrid). I look forward to having a go at this one :evil:

I always thought that the 1.6 with stick could be a fun "slow" ride but good to know it's not lol.
I always thought that the 1.6 with stick could be a fun "slow" ride but good to know it's not lol.
It was my daily while I was on assignment in Kentucky. My boss at the time tried to talk me into a Taurus SHO, but I was adamant that I get the manual Fusion because manual. Boy, how I regretted not listening to him.
At a horrible angle.
Mine was sarcastic. I’d leave it as a stock 2.7L.
No swaps! You two are terrible influences! But hey, at least your thread contributions are on-topic.

My post was on topic. Learn to take a joke about the pic you posted.
Welcome to AWD ownership. Have you tried it in snow yet? If not, you’re in for a treat.