The Music Thread

This guy is getting quite a lot of attention here in Denmark at the moment. I really ike him, he's got an excellent voice - nicely showcased in the first song in the video.
Thought about posting this on the rap music thread, but this is just too AWESOME :

90's Euro-Dance Awesomeness

I'm starting to enjoy Frank Turner. Its such happy music its making me happy. I don't like it. :|
Saw Madeon spin in Hollywood after the first weekend in Coachella, he did a great set at a small venue, was standing right at the edge of the stage:


I've started watching The Voice US even though I'm British because I love the banter between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. They are so hot for each other... anyway. Ahem... sorry, zoned out there. I had never heard of Blake Shelton and was not at all interested in Country music. I am thoroughly converted though. This is the greatest song ever! It made me laugh to listen to and then the video made me smile and bloody hell that bloke is gorgeous. The accent makes my knees go all wibbly too *swoons* so yes, I thought I'd share.