The Music Thread

If you need some comedy, try to suffer through this. And the "performance" gets progressively more brilliant as the song difficulty builds. The original video is/was bad enough, but the commentary makes it even more fun. All the memes those guys have to take because of that song.. :mrgreen:

I started following Kawehi a while ago for her looping videos and covers. This was a pretty good one if you have about half an hour to listen. Her last cover is "Levitating" by Dua Lipa - just in case you particularly like or don't like that one. It's catchy and I started enjoying it on one of the Forza stations.

I like how Devo as a band, and Mark Mothersbaugh as a well known movie, tv show, and video game music creator makes a video like it's the 1970s or early 80s as if green screens were just invented.

You can never have enough Sandstorm.
DaRude, Helsinki local hero!

I watched "Until the Wheels Fall Off", the Tony Hawk documentary, on HBO and now am stuck on 80s/90s Skatepunk...
The coolest guy who used to work at the coolest music instrument store I used to frequent in the 90s in suburban Wisconsin has gotten back into guitar, and his new band put out a pretty "late 90s/early 2000s nu-metal-esque" song and it's tickling the nostalgia bones in my ears in just the right way.

Hopefully I didn't post this already.

This particular version in my opinion is the best production of the song. It feels more alive than the studio version. I often come back to it, even though you can hear the vocals are *just* about to feedback and have that spicy "ring" here and there.
It's not bad, but I do get why it wasn't released back then. It's more in line with the later albums than the rest of Meteora.
It took me a couple of years before I really started appreciating minutes to midnight and one more light.
Technically I think I'm few months late, but it's been about 25 years since I added metal to my music tastes. My brother was listening thrash metal during this time, but symphonic metal was the sub-genre that finally got me.

Spotify just played something that feels like it would've been my first touch to metal, but release dates disagree with me. 😄 Well, it's the most vivid and specific memory at least and fits with the 25 year anniversary theme. I remember this was on a friends' self recorded cassette, along with some Helloween song that didn't make as deep an impression, even if I can still remember something from them was on that cassette.

And the reason I know that wasn't the first touch on the genre, is how and why I remember this song. And I have the same friend to thank for both of these.

Don't remember who introduced them to me, but at that same time some other Finnish band was starting their career as well.

Well here's a situation I've never been in before - I think I want to buy vinyl and not play it. Sorry.

I'm a fan of the new Gorillaz album and they offer it on vinyl in multiple different ways. I like the transparent purple record and I also like the picture disc. For the small amount extra the picture disc seems like the obvious choice but I'm not sure I could play it. The purple transparent one would definitely get played.

Should I buy both or is that ridiculous? Should I just buy none?

On the other hand from this quandary, I still want to get the Muse Knights of Cydonia picture disc and I would definitely play it, despite it being more collectible. I think I could only buy an unsealed copy for that reason.