The Music Thread

SPG900 said:
I saw NOFX back in '95... It may be crappy pop punk, but they sure did a better job at it than all these newer bands like Busted and Sum 41. *puke face*

POP PUNK!!!? :shock:

NOFX are in no way pop punk!
Renesis said:
Rammstein -Amerika, it's topping the charts now, I liked them since I've first heard of them, with their 2nd album in 1997, Sehnsucht.

I like this song a lot, it's good, addicting, and has a nice message :)

I listen to pretty much everything, but I like Metallica, HIM, Nightwish, Rammstein, Dream Theater, In Flames, Linkin Park, Pantera, Moby, System of a Down etc...

I used to be a big fan of Rammstein. I still like it, but now it doesn't excite me that much for some reason. I guess taste changes... The songs I like most of the new album are three last ones. I still would go to their show (they are touring now) if I had tickets. Unfortunately they were sold in hours, and "second hand" prices are bit too heavy. I actually have seen them 3 years ago and it was absolutely brutal :)
instead of listing bands
it'd help a lot if u added what
kind of music it is...
chill music, fast beats, heavy drums
crazy screaming....etc

amazing songwriter lyrics doesn't
describe it enuff =]

but yeah here's mine
fluke - very electronicy cool beats
zero 7 - very chill
st germain - self described easy listening house music very cool stuff
air - u should know who they are
molotov - awesome crazy spanish guys fast beat, good guitar
Overheat said:
SPG900 said:
I saw NOFX back in '95... It may be crappy pop punk, but they sure did a better job at it than all these newer bands like Busted and Sum 41. *puke face*

POP PUNK!!!? :shock:

NOFX are in no way pop punk!
Ya, I'd like to second that outrage.

NOFX got together in 1983, and have played their specific style of punk well before most crappy pop-punk artists could even walk. I'd say they are one of the most important punk bands ever.
Well they don't quite sound like The Exploited or DK, do they? I admit I only know the Punk in Drublic album really well, but that sounds quite poppy to me. Why can't they be pop punk, just because they started in 1983? If you compare it to Blink 182 though, then of course NOFX is more punk.
hmm recently found a good almost new single by evanescence, the track is called: missing
You'll love it
I seem to respect you more everytime you post zenon :)

btw, I'd advise everyone who's into music to check out - it records and streams full 90minute gigs free of charge and you can view them at your pleasure. Lots of bands that I'd otherwise of never heard of I've found on here and really enjoyed their music. I'll give special mention to one of the older gigs, once again, my favourite artist, Damien Rice - this is an awesome set and despite the lack of 'the girls' still one of the best live DR performances I've seen.

Also, any Keane fans should check it out as they are streaming the live performance of Keane next week, which hopefully should be something to look forward to.
I'm going to see Le Tigre tonight! I really can't wait! :D

If you don't know who they are, they are a feminist indie-electronica group from the States and they are very seriously cool. Check out their self-titled debut album if you really want to rock out. :p :)
self-titled album?
I could only find an album called "This island", is that it? :roll:

I found out that "This island" is their 2004 album, they seem to have only made 3, their debut album that zenon was talking about in 99, then one called feminist sweepstakes in 2001, and "This island" a month ago. I am getting the latest album to check them out :)
I've also recently come across another electronica band called Alan Parsons, I got their latest album called "A Valid Path", sounded very good to me, would surely recommend you try them out....
I don't know how I overlooked Interpol before, but they are really growing on me. Their debut, Turn On The Bright Lights, and their latest release, Antics, are definitely good stuff. I must say they're a breath of fresh air compared to all those crappy bands of late.

British Sea Power is another similar band. I've been meaning to pick up their album and so far I've heard plenty of good things about them.
Well, I forgot to post my thoughts after seeing Le Tigre... basically, they ruled. They ruled more than most bands can even dream of ruling. They ruled so much that they jumped probably 5 places in my list of favourite bands. They're ruling'ness definetly put them somewhere in my top 5. :)

The concert was probably the largest gathering of lesbians this side of Lilith Fair, which made it.... well... more interesting. :p

If you listen to Le Tigre and are like it, I'll suggest the only electro-punk band better than them. BS2000. Simply put, they are one of the greatest bands ever. They were just a short lived side project for Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys (who also happens to be the long-time boyfriend of Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of Le Tigre) but their album 'Simply Mortified' is hands down the greatest and funniest electro-punk album ever recorded. Ever.
I may as well get into this thread before it is a 15 page behemoth.

My taste is pretty much across the board. I tend to like hardcore rap from the 90's when I'm intense and the violins/cello music from "Crouching Tiger" or "Hero" when I'm laid back. :wink:
Yes!, I did, just listened to matchstick man, awesome! And it's not a complement, really really good stuff.
Only thing that bothered me the 96kbps quality, sounded bad. :(
sorry about the, quality i'll gladly rip some higher quality versions for anyone who wants them. Either that or you can purchase a CD for ?2 (+P&P) :)

Really glad that you like it though. Once the lead singer, Wes, gets back from Australia, we're going to get serious, so for now I'm just trying to get as many opinions as possible. Feel free to criticise, it all helps. :)
I just finished watching 2 great music TV programs, so I thought I'd pass on links\thoughts\review etc. Both are British, and both were found on UKNova. If you want to download them you'll have to register, but I'll post the links for any who are already registered there.

Two Tone Britain
This show followed the Two Tone record label and the rise of British Ska Revival and New Wave bands in the late 70s and early 80s. I've never actually seen or read a thorough history of this musical movement, so I was thrilled just to find it in the first place. I'm used to watching crappy MTV musical genre pieces where they interview a few idiotic music journalists, and if you're lucky, a few musicians - this show on the other hand, completely blew me away! It had an incredibly thorough explination of the social situation Britain was in during the late 70s and early 80s (fall of punk, skinheads, general turmoil etc.), they interviewed key musician from the scene, and they actually explained Ska Revival and New Wave's influence and importance to music today. :shock:

If you're a fan of Madness, The Specials, English Beat etc. definetly check it out. Even if you haven't heard of any of those bands or don't know anything about Ska Revival or New Wave, it is still definetly worth watching. It is definetly one of the best musical genre themed TV programs I've ever seen. :)
Link to its torrent.

Howard Goodall's Twentieth Century Greats - Lennon and McCartney
There is definetly not a shortage of TV programs about the Beatles, and there will probably never be; however, this is definetly the best show I have ever seen about the Beatles. The host - who apparently is a composer - does not describe the Beatles' work through the normal "they were very good musicians and they were very popular, bla bla bla...." explination, but instead deconstructs the way they composed their songs right down to the basics. The keys, chords, modes, and progressions that Lennon and McCartney used are thoroughly explained with enough basic information and advanced musical theory to keep both non-musicans and musicans interested. As a musician, I absolutely loved the more technical stuff, but there was enough basic information to keep someone who doesn't care what a Dorian mode is interested. :p

However, what I absolutely loved about the show was that they actually understood the Beatles talent and popularity. The Beatles were by far the most popular band when they were around, but their popularity also coincided with them being the most musically skilled and experimental band of that time period. This has never really happened since, and may never happen again - these days we get barely talented people like Britney Spears topping the charts. :? Anyways, most music journalists can not explain why the Beatles were so incredibly experimental and so incredibly popular - those two things generally don't go together. I won't give away how the show goes about explaining the Beatles talent and popularity; however, in my opinion, they get it completely right. This is definetly the most accurate and thorough explination of the Beatles I have ever seen on TV.
Link to its torrent.

This may have sounded a bit like an infomercial for the two shows, but they are seriously two of the greatest music TV shows I have ever seen. :) If you're a music fanatic and have some spare time, definetly download them.
Just watched that Beatles documentary. It was interesting, but i guess you have to be a bit of musician yourself to understand all the things in it. Although I like to listen to music, I'm as far from creating it as I can possibly be. I understood what he was talking about, but didn't see "the picture" when he showed examples :| It's like: ok, these examples ARE different, but why? I can't reconstruct it in my head.
I'm certainly a Beatles fan, but I'd like to nuance that "most musically skilled and most original". Let's not forget that, first of all, they wouldn't have done what they did without George Martin. Lennon and McCartney were pretty good at taking up things around them, and they took up lots from him. And what would their music be without all his great arrangements etc? I'm also pretty convinced that Martin could take credit for some of the more daring chord progressions. Most musically skilled? They couldn't even read notes.

Most original then? Hm, they may have started something with albums like Rubber Soul, but there were other bands out there doing similar things. Most notably of course, The Beach Boys. Sure, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was a great pop record, but in my opinion it's easily beaten by Pet Sounds, which predates Sgt. Pepper's and even Revolver. Listen to tracks like She's Leaving Home, and focus a bit on McCartney's bass playing post-'66, and you'll hear what sort of an influence Brian Wilson has been. It should also be mentioned that Sgt. Pepper's was a work by Lennon, McCartney and Martin, whereas Wilson was on his own.

Regarding popularity+originality, it's quite funny that the first Beatles single since Love Me Do which didn't make it to number one was Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields (doing this from memory, correct me if I'm wrong). A little too experimental perhaps? The exact same thing had happened to The Beach Boys almost a year before, when Brian Wilson started adding some weird touches to his songs. (Still, quite remarkably, The Beach Boys came out first in a British magazine's popularity poll at the end of '66).

I do like The Beatles, but I tend to think most documentaries exaggerate things somewhat. They may have been the best and most successful pop band, but they didn't do it without a little help, and they didn't make the best pop album (not even of their time), or so I think. And furthermore, it's merely pop. I'm sorry but you can only analyse Beatles songs to a certain extent. When it comes to music theory, classical music offers a million times more. Haven't watched this particular documentary yet, but so many times they have been called music geniuses or whatnot. I have to say it annoys me a little. Very talented though, without a doubt.