The Music Thread

I loled


like. a lot.
Deep Purple are still kicking ass, despite the fact most of them are over 60. Here is a song written over 40 years ago, probably one of the founding songs of the heavy metal genre:

And here is one more, with a guest performance by a certain Mr. Blackmore ;)
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Can't stand this year's music (or most of it). So gone to the 60s for comfort.

Just saw some whale clip on Discovery and Shazam told me this piece was playing:

I love all the Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash tracks. They are so great. And I don't even like country.
I discovered Parov Stelar last week and have been on a steady diet of electroswing ever since.



I can't remember if I already posted this before or not, fuck you alzheimer!
Great song! I prefer Joe Lynn Turner's cover though:
dug out something from a few years back... one most excellent album that was, i certainly hope mike shinoda does something like this again:
I love the Italian band called Eiffel 65 (look at my avatar ;D), for me they're great and amazing. I used to listen to their music in childhood and I listen to it today. :) Also I like Bloom 06, Alphaville, Bodyrockers, New Order... And some rock/metal bands as Metallica, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Deep Purple, The Scorpions.