The never-ending sentence game


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Feb 19, 2007
The Eastern state where you can't fill your tank
Whichever car is still working
Here, we all add towards a random, infinite sentence.

Rules: Everyone says one word. The next poster adds a new word to the sentence. Words that end the sentence should be avoided. If it cannot be avoided, "however," "but," and the like can be used to continue it.

Tips: If you cut and paste the text from the previous post, highlight your word.

And, most importantly, the story can make no sense at all, so feel free to say anything.

As of July 7th, the sentence is "Here is the cookie from Hamster's third brewery, which infringed several Wimbledon commentators' trysts to fornicate without considerable protection against Paris Hilton trebouchet, which furiously emerged from the cave that collapsed and smothered ManBearPig, causing squished testes, which emit noxious substances, having burnt Viper007Bond's poopsock, causing epic evacuation through entirely unexplained worlds, meanwhile, antidisestablishmentarianist seems bi-curious when Carsightings flaunts stupid cow, but causing evacuations across Europe and masturbating to German car with whitening forms is challenging to most morons, including backwards facing ninjas who cooked pasta with fire that burned incoherently, whilst bubbling fiercely, because sulphurous organophostphates killed trees that photosythesized all electromegnetic flowers, killing monkeys across Asia, which bombed airports until Brian Boitano raped Hillary Clinton, while massaging leather; a mind-numbingly dull activity because of the perpendicular vehicular disembarkation propelled idiocy to Hidden Hunter but Whitesnake had rocked somebody's boxorz but having nowhere to drill Gore's Prius sized blow hole instead of some idiot's Phantasmagorian resident fornicating with peacocks rubber dingy which struck an overcompensating ass-face Max Mosley causing massive hypertension with unpredictable riots across Basque, leading to immobilising..."

First word: Here...
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that was pretty avant-garde wasn't it? *

* $10 if you get the classic rock reference.