The NEW Top Gear Subtitling Project


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Dec 20, 2004
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Hallo all, I was bored and decided to start a new project, subtitling TG from Season 1. Started playing with Aegisub 4 days ago and didn't know if i could really do it, but I finished the first ep and it looks good \o/.

So, first of all please don't merge it with the TG Subtitle Project thread, that looks a bit messy and i'm doing this on my own :p

I finished S01E01, i'm putting it up here for any errors/suggestions you all might have, starting E02 tomorrow.

I will try and specify exactly the rips i'm using but since i renamed them i'll have to see filesize and say so.

The first season I'm using are the full 1 hour SBS rips.

Post any comments/suggestions, don't post any "prz gimme this subs nao" bs.

Note: DO NOT submit this to any sites that aggregate subs, once it's final copy i'll do that, don't want half done subs floating everywhere. A list of upload sites would help, but dont submit subs to them.

In conclusion, all eps will end with credits and easter egg, they will be lulz, enjoy them.

Season 01
E02 -needs confirmation of quality.
E03 -needs confirmation of quality.

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nice subs Blayde,

thou you forgot the last line @ 58:59 onwards!
yes yes G, will fix tomorrow :D
Fixed that one problem, relinked new .srt, hoping some others will test the subs, half way done with E02 :)
Out of curiosity, what's wrong with any existing subs?
WHAT existing subs? :p no one outside the uk can have any, that too only on the latest episodes. That's the problem, no one's ever done any, and even from the first episode there's a LOT of in references and comments you don't understand from hearing. Had to google a lot to make the correct reference sentence.
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Episode 2 done. Anyone having time test them out please so I can make any corrections :)

check original post for sub link.
Episode 3 is out, still need a beta test of episode 2 and this one as well. If anyone can help out, much obliged :)
Wow man, I didn't see this thread till now!! Your work is really really much appreciated cos I'm translating some old tests into spanish and you know it's really hard to do that without subs.

I've downloaded S01E01, as well as 2 and 3 and all of them are slightly shorter than your subs. I mean, for example my 1x02 rip lasts 57:14 while your 1x02 sub is 58:46. That's not a problem for me since I fix it with Subtitle Workshop by cutting out some bits and retiming some others.
And the same history with the other two, but I insist, that's totally fine! Your timings are excellent, good job, seriously!!

So how can I help you? Keep working on your project plz, lots of spaniards will thank you! haha
Not enough people seemed to have wanted old subs so i didnt continue, if there's more interest i'll pick it up again
Hi! I just saw this thread... I don't know why it's in this section...
Anyway... :)
Me and some other guys in Serbia are translating TG subtitles... Problem is there aren't any english subtitles for older seasons...
And these are especially hard to do without original subs, because of the british slang and stuff like that... And sometimes it's hard to understand what are they actually saying...

How about we team up?
Hey Blayde,

I have watched your sub for S1E1 roughly, IT IS AWESOME! It's just what we need here. Im in a Chinese SubTeam, we will appreciate your work!!!

I am now working on Sub for S02. The English sub that i found on the internet were simply crab. :( could you plz leave me your email address by PM or whatever you like, and we can talk about it?

Thank you so much!
i first saw the Top gear seveal days ago,i love it! so i find the S1-S16 but S10 before has no subtitles,so i begin myselves, but unfortunately, i still have many questions in the video, what you've done help me a lot! thx

I'm new on this forum. I have started watching top gear here in spain some months ago, I like it so i decided to start from the begining, from series 1. As you may see my english is not perfect, and i have some trouble understanding it without subtitles, specially understanding Jason Dawe as he speak very fast. I managed to get the subtitles until episode 6 on this website:, but i can't find 7-10. Have any one of you collected subtitles of the entire first season?

Thank you
I have been looking for those subtitiles but it looks like they don't exist. It would be nice to do a team to make all the missing subtitles.
I gave up as i mentioned earlier because no one cared, and i gave up, youre gonna have to find someone else :/
I gave up as i mentioned earlier because no one cared, and i gave up, youre gonna have to find someone else :/

I have seen the firt three chapters with your work and it is really impressive, thank you. It will be difficult to match it.
hi guys! Blayde i really appreciate your work please don't give up...i'm trying to tralslate in italian language season 1-9 and a working eng sub is essential for non-english speakers like me...please let me know if i could help you in any way... c'mon guys this programme really deserves a mention of quality!
i'll back to work waiting for answers by anyone!
cant help you, no one was interested and it wasnt easy doing it, i had time before, now i cant spend hours transcribing 5 seasons of something that no one but a few want