The "New Toys" Thread


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May 22, 2004
I got a new custom made bench power supply!


Which will be used to power my new soldering iron and other projects I'm working on:



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Feb 17, 2006
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I bought some history from Amazon, Official Sony PS3/2/1 S-video cables from 2006, for £4. I didn't actually expect them to be genuine Sony, I imagine they would've been £20+ in electronic shops back in the day.

My Playstation and PS2 have both come out of hiding and are working so want the best way to connect them up to my HDMI conversion box and then to my capture device.



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Dec 5, 2004
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got some tech lately:

Magnetic holder for my phone in A7, because the second vent holder broke (second in a year too):
"Cellularline Handy Force Drive", was 14eur at local supermarket, has 2 magnets so i could have another phone/table on the stand too :unsure:

Heatsinks for my RaspberryPi 3+ (used as man-in-middle dns popup blocker), these were like 2eur with shipping and they lowered the temps of the rpi about 3 degrees in the case (shown in the last picture):



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Jan 14, 2007
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Since I have a phone with a case now, I could see myself investing in a magnetic holder now... 🤔


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Feb 17, 2007
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Well, time to catch up here I guess :rolleyes::D

I started a few month ago, yet again running out of space on my plethora of small harddrives, clogging up all available SATA ports.. and then one of my 500GB drives got a SMART warning but remained functional.. But at that point I figured I should do something eventually... at which point I accidentally an external 8TB drive for a mere 139€. I originally wanted to take it apart and install it interally, but currently it being external is super helpful, since I keep bringing it along to the GFs place after downloading shit to watch at home. I'd still like to make it an internal one some day, but only when I get Plex working with my ISPs IPv6, so I can just stream from home (20mbit up should do the trick just fine for 720p-1080p content).

A bit later I decided I want to keep my ancient case but I should definitely clean it up and kick out all the tiny drives now that I have the big one. So I removed a total of 4 drives, cleaned the inside of that filthy thing a little bit, and installed a full set of new Noctua Redux fans. All PWM using an active PWM splitter (XSPC) that was also added, 3x92mm (side) and 2x 120mm (rear and CPU). Of course I fucked up the first order and wrongly ordered the 120s in non-PWM.. but hey.. what's another 2 fans, right? I used the second order to also get some fresh CPU paste (Kryonaut) which was applied in the process. I also intend to see if I can't clock my i7 a little higher. And yes, there is still literally zero cable management!

Done with this, it was time to install the latest proper upgrade. With the launch of the GTX 1660Ti being mostly exactly what I expected, an ok option at the base MSRP of 279€, not worth it at more than that, or if you can get a 2060 below its MSRP of 349€. So I did the only thing I could to - ignoring that thing and jumping on a deal for a RTX 2060 for 299€.. It is not a high end model or the most reputable brand ever, it also has a sub-optimal output selection, but it is a factory OC model and has decent reviews. And it was cheap. So 8€ for a locally sourced 2x6 to 1x8 pin adapter later, that was installed.

With that my buying spree was done. Briefly.

Wanting to print something again, my 2002 bought HP PSC2110 decided to be annoying again and refuse to work, like it occasionally does - always when I am in a rush. So after some brief research, I grabbed a Samsung M2070W monochrome laserprinter. Key features being a) it works all the time, b) wireless. Got it locally for 129€ while I happened to have a job near a store, since didn't feel like waiting just to save 10€ from the first onlineshop I'd order from.

And then I was done.

Ok. Practicallky. I only replaced my ChromeCast v2 with a v3 in order to migrate the former to my GFs place permanently, so I don't have to take it back and forth all the time and set it up over and over...

Now I am really done though!

Oh, wait, DHL just rang..

Yeah for a little fiddling project (getting USB3 into my old cases front panel) I might have ordered some soldering bits and bobs from AliExpress.. I hated working with my work-issues 230V-straight-plug-unregulated soldering iron.. So I got that chinese clone station thing that BigClive reviewed a while ago. Yihua 8786D! Hot-air and soldering station! In fact because aliexpress is aliexpress, I'm pretty sure I have a second one coming right now, after the first seller cancelled my order and I ordered a different one, and then they cancelled the cancellation and shipped it the same day with DHL Express.. :D. Eithr way, this thing arrived literally an hour ago. The other one I ordered afterwards and seem to be unable to cancel is the version with two displays for the two systems. I also got like 10 little envelopes with related shit coming, that will likely take a few more weeks to make their way here.. ;). For this specific station here I ended up paying $62 shipped and sadly also 32€ customs, but that was expected.


Like, seriously!

No, really,.. move on.. I didn't buy anything else.

Ok.. I did but it hasn't arrived yet, shut up!