The "New Toys" Thread

w00t. nice pickup, ice
^ Nice purchase... Alpine's are really worth the premium. I had a mid-range model in my RSX and it was plenty enough with the stock speakers and no sub... I have pretty low standards though. :p

The only thing I don't get is why Alpine refuses to upgrade the UI. The higher-end models have some spiffy screens nowadays but the models people can actually afford are still like 80s alarm clocks.

This was in the next box I got (scroll up a bit) a Mybook Premium ES 500GB
It has Esata, thats why I bought it, but the SOB doesn't work on my Asus P5B board. Damn... Only get the usual 20 MB/sec via USB...
Bought a Black MacBook 2.2Ghz with 1GB RAM and 160 GB HD (with 4GB of RAM ordered from crucial) today since Apple was having a Black Friday sale.
MacBooks are nice but I wish there was a smaller MBP like the old 12" Powerbook. The MacBook's design is just too toyish to me when you compare it with the aluminum MBP.

Good job getting the black... you see so few people who didn't pick the iPod white.
My only problem with it after the last 24 hours of owning it, is that the screen seems to be low resolution (1200x800). Other than that, i'm extremely happy with it. I'd go for a 12" MBP if they had one, but I personally couldn't justify the price premium of the current 15" MBPs.

Yeah, I went with the black because it actually has a larger hard drive than the high end white one. I also wanted something that wasn't as common (and that matched my iPhone :p)
^ Holy, with the mail-in rebate you can have 4 gigs of RAM for $38? That's krazy.
^ Holy, with the mail-in rebate you can have 4 gigs of RAM for $38? That's krazy.
No, 2GB of RAM (2x1GB) for $35, but still.

(It's Revision 2, 2GB)
Oy, my mistake, I thought it was 2x2GB. But still, helluva deal.
I'm holding off longer, still with my DDR500 2x1gb. 8)
This is for my new PC, not my 3-4 year old current PC. I highly doubt my current PC would be able to run this RAM anyway. :lol:
bwahaha...nice pickup viper.
^ Hate to be a spelling Nazi but every time you say "nice pickup" in this thread I think someone has bought a pickup truck. :p
well nsm...i get your point
who is the new avatar, shawn?