The "New Toys" Thread

All these new computers are making me extremely jealous, but I am forcing my self to hold off till summer.
Simpletech 320GB External Drive


Designed by Pininfarina! :jeremy: Sweet!
Just bought this off Ebay for about $150.


Usually goes for $200+ so I got a deal. All seven seasons, 48 DVDs and 176 episodes total. 8)
Nice find :thumbup:

Nokia 6300 arrived. Great thing. Exceptional build quality, sturdy, heavy feel in the hand. Fantastic screen (240*320 with 16 million colours). 2 megapixel camera which isn't that great though (no autofocus nor flash).
The mini-USB connection is great too. Everyone has such a cable laying around so it's very easy to connect it to any computer.

I've got the same phone and agree entirely with what you have said. Mine still looks practically brand new which is incredible for a phone I own. The only thing I don't like is the new type of Nokia charger, it is so easy to bend the connector.
I've also noticed that the connector is so damn small and thin. I would have liked the phone to be rechargeble by the USB connector (although it should be better accessible then, now it's quite a hassle), but that's not implemented.
Just ordered this:

from a gold seller on ebay, filled with a 6750, some MSI board, 2 GB DDR2-800 (dunno which one yet) and a 8800GT.
Why buy an already built one? Its not my money, so I don't mind the 60 Euros extra I payed over the individual party, I couldn't guarantee a 8800GT being availible until Xmas, and since this is for my GFs brothers, and I'm hardly around, the guy offers a 2 year pickup service and I don't have to worry when stuff goes bad.


Syncmaster 206 aka 20" widescreen

Some Wlan stick and a set of creative speakers...
What's that make now? 140 of us with the 6750/2GB/8800GT combo?
Too bad its not mine... I could shell out the 350 Euros for the upgrade to 6750+8800gt, but since it runs 24/7 it would also mean more cost for power for performance I hardly need...
Actually, from what I hear, the 8800 GT is REALLY good on power consumption.

But regardless, isn't it like a $1/mo difference?
Actually, from what I hear, the 8800 GT is REALLY good on power consumption.

But regardless, isn't it like a $1/mo difference?

From what I read it should be around 30 watts more than my 7900 GTO, so thats 360 watts a day, 10kWh a months which means 1.5 Euros, you're right. I somehow had it in my head that its way more!
Is this like comparing penis lengths for computer geeks? :p