The "New Toys" Thread

I don't. I agree that all-in-ones work in an office environment where space is limited, but I prefer a computer that works and can be upgraded in time, not one that just looks minimalistic. And ugly.
But, then, I read about the integrated batteries which are apparently used on every single one of their laptops now. And don't give me the shit about it being a unibody, I'm sure they could have found a way to fit a removable battery cover somewhere in there.

How often do you swap over batteries on the go?

I remember the enclosed battery was one of the key things which originally put me off buying a 13" MB pro, but now that I've used it for a while on the go I find the battery life in OSX is excellent and doesn't require me to think about swapping in a battery mid-way through the day. Battery life definitely takes a hit in Windows 7 ultimate, but I find I'm rarely booting into it atm since I have no parcitular engineering work that needs to run on windows, and I already have installed the mac equivalent for some everyday softwares I use in windows.

I think the bigger issue with the battery is that replacing it furthur down the line will be a bit of a hassle, but I'm willing to live with that. It wasn't that hard undoing the screws at the back :lol: The rest of the laptop is pretty well designed though aside from the USB port placement. I have a fat corsair voyager GT flash drive, so it can get annoying when trying to copy things over from one flash drive to another, but I'll just have to live with it. The SD card slot was definitely something that should've been in there all along though; Its already come in very handy in many instances.

If I somehow manage to land the engineering placement in HK, I have a feeling I may well end up buying another Windows only laptop (More specifically, a Lenovo) for comparison and sell whichever one I love less/give it to my sister, who desperately needs a new laptop anyway. :lol:

I bought a base configuration 13 MB pro, and rather than pay Apple to upgrade the HD and ram for me I'm doing it myself. I've already upgraded to a 500GB WD hard disk for $100AUD, and am going to get 4GB of RAM come Wednesday when I'm in HK. Damn 8GB cards for being so expensive atm.....

Oh, and I wish people would stop debating Mac VS Windows. I've tried Linux, OSX and Windows, and each one has its own strengths and weakenesses. There is no "correct choice" - only a personal preference. I adapt to different OSes pretty quickly, so I have no issue working on any one of them. I find OSX does some things well, and poorly at others. Can't we all just get along with the OS choice we've individually made and move on?
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Wow, that all kinda blew up. I just want to make the point about radio once again. Here at work, the only place I use a pmp, wifi is restricted to work computers only. If I found a way around that, streaming audio, any url with "mp3" or the like, and proxy sites are all very well blocked. The system is also monitored so that any not yet found will be blocked after being used for any notable amount of time. Cell service rather poor, so using these apps on a phone(and yes, I understand this applies to 98% of all phones) is a no-go. Plain old radio, however, gets decent reception in much of the building.

That said, I am in the "decide what you want, what you need, and research. Then research some more" camp. I've recommended iPods and iPhones to some people, and other players/phones to other people.
That said, I am in the "decide what you want, what you need, and research. Then research some more. Then research some more, then research some more, and finally, do some more researching. Then decide that I want another functionality, and do some more research, before doing extra researching" camp.

I want to upgrade my CPU-fan by removing it alltogether. Yes. I will return with further information. Keyword: liquids.
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I often pee on things/people to make them work better.
finally got my damm computer working, No crash everything is fine and running smoothly.

I5 750
MSI P55 GD65
XFX HD5770
Spinpoint f3 500gb
1600mhz cl9 4gb g.skill with one memory stick not working
23" viewsonic 1080p tv
corsair 650tx
blu ray player/ dvd/cd burner and player
Antec 200 case

I ma just such happy to know that fater a month i finnaly got my first custom build computer working fine with no crash. Now can enjoy real game.

I got a new Dell Studio XPS 13 notebook. It has a 2.5GHz Core Duo processor and an Nvidia 9500 (9200+9400 SLI) GPU. It's awesome, but I gotta get used to the keyboard and to the fact that there isn't a TrackPoint like my good ol' IBM. :D
I like the XPS studios. Great looking laptops :)
I bought a Seagate 7200.12 320GB HDD to replace the 7200.10 in my main computer cause' it's so damn slow. I'll the .10 and put it in the new HTPC. I also bought Win7 Home premium, a 5 port switch, SATA HDD dock, and some cables from Monoprice.

I think I have everything I need now for the home theater and computer upgrades.
Many people don't realize how big it is.

Got to play around with one today at the electronics stores. Really nice to use, but its fucken massive. Definitely won't fit in some of my jeans pockets.

I'm leaning more and more towards getting a hero, but the iPhone is tempting.
That screen is soooo nice.
But I cant really make up my mind about wich one is the best phone...
Htc Hero with the superior OS or the HD2 with the MASIVE screen, fast processer and very nice design :)
It's not really that big, with the efficient design the surface area is maybe 20 percent bigger than my Omnia.
iPod nano 5G 8GB in blue
It looks really good... While I was playing with it for a bit, its still the Xmas present for my GF. I really dig the Unibody and the display, the thing looks awesome.
I was goind all out, ordering it from apple themselves, because of the Laser engraving... Could have saved 14 Euros if I went for another seller... Meh...
Yeah, good luck, GF selling a GIFT from me later on...
As long as shes my GF she won't sell it, if she isn't, well fuck her, I hope shes never able to sell it and never be able to use it since it has also my name on the back... win-win if you ask me ;-)
That screen is soooo nice.
But I cant really make up my mind about wich one is the best phone...
Htc Hero with the superior OS or the HD2 with the MASIVE screen, fast processer and very nice design :)

I saw the Acer neotouch as well at the store. 1GHz snapdragon, 512mb ROM/256mb RAM, etc. And all for only $500AUDish.

Tempting for the money, but I hear its very buggy to use. The Acer liquid is also going on sale soon.