The "New Toys" Thread

Essentially the European computer user's Lian Li?
^I was more than reasonably sure you get them, as well. Geeman's case just reminds me so much of their cases.
Lian li cases were insanely cheap at the computer market.

If only I had the luggage space to lug one back. I'm looking to replace my Antec 900, which is great aside from the fact that its a dust magnet.

A gift from my aunt to replace my 2.5 year old Motorola E6. Not the most sophisticated or complex phone in the world, but I absolutely love it.
Nokia N96 but can't be bothered for pictures.
I got a Logitech VX Nano to replace my Logitech V450 Nano as it had an accident. This think in the best notebook mouse and it's the same price as the 450.


Very clean and it looks to have excellent cable management.

I might have to get one of these and retire the beast that I'm currently using.
Lian li cases were insanely cheap at the computer market.
That can't be right, Lian Li are insanely expensive. Shenzen pirates?

The Fractal is really neat, I just wish they made a slightly bigger case.
Nah, in HK they are really well priced. (Then again, this is in comparison to Australia - No idea how much they cost everywhere else).

They were quiet popular. Even with just the short time I spent in one store I saw 2-3 people buying Lian-li cases.
New shades : )

1) TAG Heuer Speedway Kimi Raikkonen Edition

2) Prada
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Please upload bigger pictures.
I bought a Noctua CPU cooler, considering the pricetag I expect it to be made by austrian bankers on their time off.
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sorry my bad. thought photobucket would autosize them automatically.