The "New Toys" Thread

well...if your laptop has a removable optical drive, you may want to look into it see if you can put a 2nd hdd there instead. That's what I did to mine, ssd for the os and apps, then the old 320gb hdd in the optical drive slot for storage.

its hp, so no removable anything :p

1 hdd space that has 6 "scruws", and 1 not removable dvd-burner :(


SSD would be nice for the netbook, anything over 20-30 GB is plenty... but I imagine that uses some kind of special super mini drive.
You also getting a logitech tattoo? :p

Bah, I should be the one to talk, I'm the same, all my peripherals are by Logitech.
If you don't mind not having much room (or you can add a 2nd drive to your laptop) this is a pretty good drive for the money newegg (and everyone else) is price gouging here, it was like $85 at one point.

The problem is, it's a company laptop. :(

Then again, I could just buy it, clone the drive, and when I send it back to the new one put the old drive back in.

Hmmm........ :cool:


Going well so far, but I can't figure out how to adjust the amount of video memory.
Sweet. What are the specs?

I think it has a Nvidia Ion for graphics?

-Atom 330 Dual core oc'd to 2GHz
-Nvidia ION (Geforce 9300M northbridge)
-4GB DDR2 800 RAMZ
-500GB Samsung HDD out of an old external.

Well, that's where I looked. One would assume it'd be in the Northbridge settings, most likely in the Performance sub-section with CPU clock speed and the like, but I saw no sign of it.
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One more thing you can try if your laptop has an express card slot:

yes it has the place, but i have 3 issues:
1. newegg doesn't send it to here.
2. i don't hev the money :(
3. the slot allready has the remote control unit :D

And for christmas presents:
1. pyjama with bermuda shorts
2. new Gloves, as my old ones are pretty useless because of they are broken.
3. 2 pcs of Finalgear t-shirts :D (you can guess from who) the red and blue.
4. "The superman collection" 17 superman cartoons from 1941 :) 2x dvd box.