The 'Oops!' Thread


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Dec 6, 2005
Louisville, KY USA
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Let everyone know about your gastronomic or otherwise kitchen-related screw ups here!

Me? I just found out that if you put the burner on high to get your pot of rice boiling, and then forget about it, it makes a COPIOUS amount of smoke once all the water has boiled off. Wow! My house is full of smoke! Upstairs, downstairs, you name it!
Burnt rice smell clings to the kitchen walls. Terrible.
Once forgot to put water in the pot while cooking potatoes to make mash...
I once fell asleep with a tray of curly fried of the oven. 4 hours later, it was black, shiny curls. Didn't smoke, never set off the smoke detectors. Just dried up and turned black.
So many to choose from for me. I'm not exactly the world's greatest cook. A more recent one was that I was making fries with the deep fryer. I set the timer too long and pretty much smoked my entire house with the smoke from the fries. Didn't burn the fries though and they tasted great :D
Was supposed to coat chicken strips with sesame seeds, cajun spice and some corn flour. Accidentally used bread soda instead of corn flour, similar packet, price you pay for being in a hurry. Hence anymore its just sesame seeds and cajun spice.