The Perfect Road Trip Part 2 (Xmas DVD 2014)


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Aug 18, 2010
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Is this the right place to post this?

In 2013 Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond embarked on what they hoped would be the perfect road trip. It started well and ended, quite frankly, very badly.
Unbowed, the Top Gear pair are back for another crack and this time they're hoping to avoid inconveniences like apprehension by the French police. Welcome, then, to The Perfect Road Trip... 2.

Once again, Clarkson and Hammond are seeking joy and perfection wherever it may be with a range of fast, beautiful and exciting cars unleashed on glorious roads amongst gorgeous scenery and drenched in Mediterranean sunshine.

As part of their arduous research into perfection, the duo will also undertake some ridiculous challenges and hilarious stunts culminating in a strangely literal car race on the island of Capri.

Top Gear - The Perfect Road Trip 2. This time it really is perfect. Except for the bits that aren't
The DVD and Bluray release date is 17th November and its already out on torrents (Web release)

I liked this one too. Top Gear is becoming very very good with their cinematography, and especially with the choice of soundtrack.

Speaking of soundtracks, can we get a thread to identify the music in this one?
Being the christmas DVD it's no doubt all royalty free production music off of some website or production DVD.
Leaving aside the bit with the fake Ferraris, I found it really enjoyable. It also touches some of my favorite spots in Italy like Tuscany. I like when genuine things happens, like the Hammond crash and how they uses this to make some fun after it :)
I'll bet getting the BluRay version as a gift this Christmas (I know, I ordered it) and although I've heard bad things in the other thread I'm sure I'll enjoy it for what it is. I enjoy getting a laugh out of these DVDs no matter how set up they are. :)
" The Perfect Road Trip Part 2 " is a nice video, and most of it is fun. "it's explosive!"
Can anyone help me identify the audio for when they reach Pompei, just before they do their "contractual obligations / promotional activities"?