The pop, soda, Coke, energy drink, carbonated beverage thread

Basically, a mild Orangina, but with a splash of pineapple, and very very minimal carbonation...although I wouldn't doubt if that aspect was probably because it's likely old.

If you told me it was just a cream soda, I probably wouldn't have thought it was anything we, or related to birthday cake. Somehow it does have a tiny bit of that flavor though, if you're looking for it. It...ok. you know how some "real sugar" sodas have a different aftertaste? This has that. I almost feel like it could be better if it were another sweetener.

The Kitty Piddle is in a range of sodas that included alien goo, worm poop, things like that. There's another product like that had one called something like "popped pimple" which is marshmallow.

in other news...

This one is confusing. Desbitt's of California... Produced under authority of Big Red in Waco, Texas... Bottled in Washington.

imagine melted down peach Jell-O, slightly carbonated, better than it sounds.

Would buy again.

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In my top 3 sodas of all time. I wish I could find it locally. It's got the flavor of sour cherry, but without being too sour, what with it's honey and all. Wisconsin cherries, Wisconsin cranberries, and Wisconsin honey. So friggin good...

I'm typically not all that thrilled with Virgil's. I mean, their root beer is solid but nothing special. The Cherry cola is ok, but there are others I like more. This, though, is excellent. It reminds me of a less floral version of Fentiman's Curiosity Cola. It's not just water, sugar and "flavor". There's few real ingredients like molasses, etc, and you can taste them all. It tastes "real", and makes regular Coke taste like Windex.

I was visiting family in western Massachusetts last weekend and my cousin directed me to a local chain: "Dave's Soda and Pet City." It's a pet store that randomly has a soda rack full of singles, all small or local companies. They had the whole line of totally gross sodas for example. Weird place but I was a kid in a candy shop :lol:

I've had a different brand Prickly Pear soda, I think it was Sioux City? It's one of my favorites for its uniqueness, even if it is a bit sour.
They should have been called "Pups and Pops". I hope at least they carried "Dog and Suds" brand root beer!

I made a stop at one of the Rocket Fizz stores in southern California. It's a chain of candy and soda shop. A very very large selection. BevMo has some, Cost Plus World Market has some, and a few local candy shops have some, but nothing like a store like Rocket Fizz. Like... If I end up at those other places, I might wander over to that section and pick up one or two, but I won't make a special trip. This haul, I ended up in SoCal and made a special trip and picked up a box of 24 (some duplicates). Unfortunately for Rocket Fizz, they are flakey as hell, and some of the locations open way late, or never open at all some days. I've tried to go to the one nearest to me FOUR times during their normal posted hours, on different days of the week, and they have been closed every time. So annoying.

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That Sprecher Cherry-Cran is one of the only sodas where they list honey in the ingredients where I can actually pick it out. This is another one. At first sip, it's an excellent cream soda, if a little light on carbonation. However, you'll start to notice that the typical familiar "cream soda" flavor is a little lighter than normal, and you start to taste the honey. And not only the taste of honey, but it actually coats the inside of your mouth like how diluted honey sometimes can.

While unique and tasty, I think I would have preferred a little more vanilla flavor.

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Gross Gus's Dragon Drool is a black licorice soda. now, i know what you're thinking. "Ugh...that's gotta be just like drinking black jelly beans, right?" Actually no. And i was kinda half disappointed in that fact, because that's what I was expecting. Suprisingly, it actually tastes like real black licorice candy. No, not the salty stuff. Sadly, this flavor doesn't come from anything natural, herbal, or anything anise, as the ingredients just list "water, sugar, natural flavorings and colorings, and citric acid. It actually tastes more like a licorice-flavored cola, than something that's just supposed to be licorice flavored. So it's probably more palatable for a larger audience, but I wish it were stronger.

"Desbitt's" is actually Nesbitt's, but yeah, their peach is good stuff.

I used to live pretty close to a Rocket Fizz, but no longer. Sadly, Southern Utah is about as far from being a soda Mecca as you can get. I did find several bottles of one of my personal favorites, Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer, at Cal Ranch, however. And we do have Apple Beer going for us...
Ahh, thanks for the correction on Nesbitt's.

For as much soda as I've consumed in my life, I've never actually tried birch beer...or sarsaparilla, for that matter.
Quite the haul there!

Just got back from a 3,200 mile road trip and only found one special soda. Ale81 was in just about every convenience store in Kentucky. I'm not usually one for a ginger ale, but this was pretty good. Lightly sweetened and with a nice sharp ginger flavor (without being overpowering).
You can keep your ginger ale. Ha! Canada Dry is about as potent of a ginger flavor as I can stand. Not a fan of ginger, in general. There's some fancy stuff that has nuts if ginger floating in it, and I could only keep myself from spitting out the sip i had. :lol:
NecroJoe;n3546711 said:
Ahh, thanks for the correction on Nesbitt's.

For as much soda as I've consumed in my life, I've never actually tried birch beer...or sarsaparilla, for that matter.

Sarsaparilla just tastes like weak root beer to me. Birch beer, though, is where it's at.
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