The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."


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May 29, 2008
MWF HQ, Ukadia
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So as with the interwebz in general we do get a disproportionate amount of bitching and moaning relative to how life can be in general.

In my case I got flattened by the 'flu last Friday and have barely been vertical since. While I have remained mentally upbeat, physically I felt like crap.

Things started to turn around about lunchtime today so let me inaugurate this new thread with the following:

Today was a great day because:

- I got confirmation of 6 tickets for a QI recording which will earn me Brownie points with my potential monster-in-law who is a massive fan and will mean I will also get to hook up with some other FG members who are going to the same show.
- I'm well on the mend and finally feel like reapplying for associate membership to the human race.
- I had the energy to pop out and get the fixings I needed to stop the shower screen falling off the wall. Fixed like a boss!
- it's still not quite dark outside, the sun has been shining today and I can hear birds chirruping in the nearby trees through the open window which means spring is just around the corner.
- The new cat is being collected as I write and should be home in an hour or so.

As Wednesdays go, this one turned out not to be half bad.
Theme song for this thread:

I always mention, when someone focuses on the negative,

"It's better than a stick in the eye." And it usually is.
Posts by LP always make my day or evening.

It's been a great week. Only me and one other person has been in the office, and will continue for two more weeks. :D
Must spread more puppies to other people... Someone rep LP for me?
Way ahead of you. I almost always rep his sexy brown goodness. He is LP, 'nuff said.
I had a great lunch today and the sun was out. No problems with allergies, either. Earlier this week, I was able to upgrade the thermostat in my espresso machine. While it might not sound like much, having a piece of equipment perform the way you want, especially one used most mornings, can make a huge difference in the day.
It has been a good couple of days since the used HiFi I bought sounds even better than I expected and the other new stuff I ordered is being delivered a couple of days earlier than expected (more on that to come in the new toys thread).

Had a big breakthrough at work too, which was a huge relief and only two more work days till 9 days of vacation with a trip to Berlin :D
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today is a great day, as i emerged victorious from an exam i had a few doubts about! also i changed a brakelight, another victory (stupid merc stupid damn inaccessible piece of crap...), as that went way easier than i expected. hmm... now what to do with myself for the rest of the day? :hmm:
Grab a friend and go have lunch?
will go for a few round of squash tonight, that'll hurt... tomorrow! so still good for today :p
I just discovered that on the return flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt in the Airbus A380 the best seats of the economy class were released by people who occupied them before. :) You can see the seatmap here, I just reserved seats 50J and 50K. :)

Additionally for the outgoing flight I reserved two seats a month ago or so just behind the bulkhead so on both flights there is nobody in front of us who could recline their backrest into our knees. :)
Today was a great day because I got to hammer a yellow Lamborghini around an autocross with my mom in the passenger seat - and I got paid to do it.